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Dear Student Activities Board

With the development of the society, people’s life pressure is more and bigger, for the students of Bentley. Students will have pressure from all sides, for example, first-year students will not adapt to the new college. Fresh graduates will have employment or the pressure of postgraduate entrance examination. Even students who are studying in school will worry about their grades, life, and plans. Their pressure is from different sides of themselves. Both parents and teachers hope that students can achieve certain academic goals, whether they are on the list of department heads or graduate on time.

Professors, faculty, and classmates may also urge students to study hard at school. In many cases, more ambitious students face the pressure to achieve good grades, graduate, and find a job. At the same time, Universities are often the first time young people face major economic responsibilities and pressures. Learning to balance checkbooks, making personal financial decisions regularly, and avoiding the temptation of expensive shopping trips are fundamental challenges.

In addition, college students must often weigh the pros and cons of using bursaries. Many people work to pay part or all of tuition, books, and living expenses. Balancing work and school responsibilities increase pressure. Moreover, for many college students, gaining a certain degree of independence leads to greater stress.

Free choice and separation from parental control are attractive to their current experiences (such as emotions, thoughts, and feelings). This is an act of paying attention to what people are experiencing during the experience.

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By choosing to shift the attention from the chatter of people’s daily mind to what their body is doing, people give the brain enough attention to calm it down. Mindfulness meditation can include breathing exercises, mental images, physical and mental awareness, and muscle and body relaxation. There are several reasons why I suggest Bentley University should provide mindfulness meditation for students.

First, mindfulness meditation is a very effective tool for dealing with stress-based reactions such as anxiety, depression, compulsive thinking, insomnia, and general concerns. A group of researchers analyzed data from nearly 40 mindfulness meditation studies and found that 95% of study participants found their stress symptoms relieved after practicing mindfulness meditation. The most surprising result of this research is about who is affected. The results showed that age, number of weeks of treatment, and type of technique had no effect on the outcome, and most participants remained positive for a long time after the study ended.

Second, the practice of mindfulness meditation is so simple that students can do it anytime, anywhere. As they learn how to do it on their own, they can practice mindfulness alone or they can teach others around them how to do it. And it doesn’t require tools or a specific location like other activities. So this activity is very flexible and very simple for students. In a very short time, students can relax their spirit and get spiritual comfort.

Third, One study examined the effects of an eight-week stress reduction program based on mindfulness meditation training. The researchers controlled 28 patients who volunteered to participate in this study and randomly divided them into an experimental group and a non-intervention control group. Finally, after the participants participated in the experiment, compared with the control group, the subjects’ overall psychological symptoms decreased, their overall domain-specific sense of control increased, their use of a receptive or submissive control mode in life increased, and their scores in mental experience were higher. So the researchers concluded that the techniques of mindfulness meditation, which emphasize independent observation and awareness of the contents of consciousness, may represent a powerful cognitive behavioral coping strategy that can alter the way we respond to life events. They may also prevent the recurrence of mood disorders.

Meanwhile, on the surface of another article, a study showed that 90 patients with chronic pain received mindfulness meditation training in a 10-week stress and relaxation program. Statistically significant reductions were observed in measures of immediate pain, negative body image, inhibition of pain activity, symptoms, mood disorders, and psychological symptoms including anxiety and depression. Pain-related drug use decreased, and activity levels and self-esteem increased. Improvements also appeared to be independent of gender, referral origin, and type of pain. Moreover, these measures did not improve significantly in patients with pain after conventional treatment rather than mindfulness meditation training. During follow-up, the improvements observed during the meditation training remained unchanged for 15 months after the meditation training, except for the present pain. Most of the patients reported that they continued to follow a high level of meditation practice in their daily lives.

To sum up, I suggest Bentley University’s open-minded classes and promotion among students. This activity is not only relatively simple but also can improve students’ mental health, making them more optimistic. In addition, the school can also conduct follow-up feedback and survey on the students participating in the class, to make the activity more convincing and secure, which can attract more students with various pressures and psychological problems to come for consulting and studying.


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