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Cain’s offering of Alfred Bodenheimer Review Paper

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Paper type: Review , Subject: Nursing Homes

He knows all his sheep, their needs and concerns. . He thought any case, the rabbi

Gabriel Klein is dedicated to his community – the largest in Zurich – with dedication and passion. he prepares especially the sermons on Shabbat before carefully, they should instruct the audience but to build and strengthen their fidelity to the Lord and His commandments. The pastoral duties such as visits to hospitals and nursing homes fell to him, the thoughtful, hard at first. But today he appreciates the contacts with the people in need. About their deep and sincere faith, he comes close to them in a touching way. By contrast, the bar mitzvah ceremonies have developed for him a tiresome required course. Pomp and staffage with PowerPoint CVs and always the same food from kosher caterer threaten the very meaning – the religious coming of age celebration of young people -. To overgrow

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A key support in the faith education was Nachum Berger, 58. much good it has heard from the stand-alone teacher of religion and Hebrew at the Jewish primary school. Klein’s two daughters has taught the teacher with a good sense for children. So do not trust Rabbi Klein his ears, as Commissioner informed Karin Bänziger him on the phone that this valuable community member had been murdered. Whether perhaps something should have been tuned to what some people had gossiped Small but did not want to hear first? “Almost too nice,” the handsome man was, gay, impotent, a “non-transparent” shining light, should take better care of a private contact with the man …

Now the Commissioner Klein needs help. He is to transmit phone calls and Berger’s last mail contacts from Hebrew into German. For Berger was apparently appeared for an appointment when he was hit with a blunt object on the head.

Marriage is small bands, he is right in the middle of the followed him in his nightmares in one case, and his conscience violently added. Between the usual daily news he finds surprising messages of considerable explosive power. A about a month old mail sender “gilag” is, “Nachum, this is a cry for help, a warning for you Josef has read your SMS He hit me … Let him [but] go to the rabbi!…. but he threatened to kill you! … my love. take care of yourself. ” It sounds as if Berger had an affair with a married woman from conservative circles. A disaster!

The rabbi knows all his sheep. He quickly becomes clear who will have written the mail: Gila Good, wife of Joseph Good, operator of a kosher store and a member of the Orthodox community. If Klein be informed of the police, he not only provides Josef Good as a suspect, but rather brings the social death on the unfaithful wife and stigmatized the entire family.

His civic duties has also a rabbi ask, but on the way to the office of the Commissioner Klein tortured with self-reproach. Like a little informer who betrays his brother in faith, he sees now. Had he not “gebauchpinselt” even felt when we asked him for advice, he would become the major switching point in the educational work of the Commissariat? Nausea rises up … And yet he has the “holy or damned duty and obligation” to ensure that come to light, who has Nachum Berger on his conscience.

Rabbi Gabriel Klein, unusual investigators in an unusual crime, the Commissioner is always one step ahead. On the one hand he wins thanks to his empathy and his understanding of the traditions, rules and values ​​of the Orthodox community insights that remain of the very worldly official inaccessible, on the other hand he dosed its information offerings to the Authority sent and economical.

is of course Josef good arrested, and of course he’s innocent. Gabriel Klein must go back a long time and space for his private parallel searches. They take him to the US where Nachum Berger taught for a time at a Jewish school in Chicago, was to the employment relationship ended suddenly, and he moved to Zurich. To learn more, small flying to Tel Aviv. There he meets with a Aguna , a woman who remains bound to her husband as long as he does not personally given his consent – it was because he denied that it was because he lost and his death is not assured. Alone it can not solve the covenant, and consequently no new take.

“Cain’s offering” is an entertaining with a touch of intelligent crime novel with added value. Because at least as curious as the murder education makes us what Alfred Bodenheimer to report on Jewish life white. As if used as a vehicle for the author, a professor of Jewish culture, the popular genre, he weaves into the plot a an abundance of facts and colors authentically conveys Judaism in all its diversity. The cultural insight into a more or less closed parallel world designed nimbly and entertaining. Rabbi Klein, not first-person narrator, but our role model, it allows the author to draw on unlimited resources, he is open-minded and as unbiased as this. The traditional strict orthodoxy, rooted deeply and exclusively in religion, lived in uncompromising obedience, unimpressed defended against all hostile, we also see how the modern expressions of religious life in the big city Zurich and elsewhere in the world.

we learn Encyclopedic – like the fact that the Torah does not begin with Alef , the first letter of the Hebrew Alefbets , but with the following Bet -, Profound and about religion and culture. Some ultra-Orthodox settings can not be reconciled with the principles of modern, enlightened society. Jailed Josef Good about not accepted for the Swiss jurisprudence, but would like to have applied the Jewish law. His adultery suspicious woman would he (long since outmoded) undergo even an ordeal according to the biblical model: priests give her a sacred trunk; ill it, that proves their guilt …

The enlightened spirit Gabriel Klein is the people of reality and modern contemporary trends towards understanding. Knowing that radical opinions all Jews can bring a bad name, he reaches a soothingly. In worldly matters the most lovable, feisty wife Rivka and two teenaged daughters him provide support to the side; otherwise the brooding procrastinator seeks advice from God. He tirelessly studied the texts of the Torah. The questions raised by the scholars confront the reader with a range of interesting interpretations of theological and philosophical nature, such as the fratricide of Cain and Abel, the victims question the story of Job.

Rabbi Klein is a liberal, a skilled investigators, an intermediary between the worlds and the sympathetic protagonist of a highly stimulating novel.

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