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Business Research Methods Paper

Words: 2559, Paragraphs: 84, Pages: 9

Paper type: Essay , Subject: Accounting


Name of Learner: Bhugwandass Kantee

ID Number: 201601596

Year: Year 2 Semester 2

Module Name: Business Research Methods/Research Methods

Lecturer’s Name: Mr Mrinal Sohoraye

Date of Submission: 27th April 2019

Total Marks: 100 marks

Word limit: 5000



1.0 Introduction……………………………………………………………..Page 3-4

1.1 Importance of Topic………………………………………………….Page 4

1.2 Importance of Research………………………………………………….Page 4-5

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2.0 Choice of Journal…………………………………………………….Page 5

2.1 Problem Statement……………………………………………………Page 6-7

2.2 Research Objectives…………………………………………………..Page 7

3.0 Research Questions……………………………………………………Page 8

3.1 Hypothesis……………………………………………………………..Page 8

3.2 Literature Review………………………………………………………Page 9-11

4.0 Report………………………………………………………………….Page 12

4.1 Methods to answer Research Questions……………………………….Page 13

4.2 Gantt Chart…………………………………………………………….Page 14

5.0 Bibliography……………………………………………………………Page 15-16

Individual Assignment Question-

Write a research proposal on a topic of your choice. (100 marks)

Research Proposal

Title: Assessing the effect of worker’s motivation on the CWA’s performance.


The Background

(Why have you chosen this area, field and topic?)

Firstly, I have chosen this field as it is an interesting topic with several important ideas which can help to improve employee performance and will also motivate the staff in their career. Motivation is an essential aspect of every organization especially when it is associated with the staff and their performance in a workplace. This will help me to achieve my future career path in this domain.

About the company Central Water Authority (CWA)

The CWA Company is fully dedicated to building the important understanding, devising and executing strategies, methods, structures and practices within the various practical regions. The company believes within the perception of continuous studying.

Throughout the course of the year under review, the employees have had the chance to undertake external training in different fields which are related to their work.

These schemes were designed in order to improve management competencies, raise motivation and expand activeness of workers. The enterprise hopes to optimize on the prevailing skills and know-how of its employees and also to develop innovations at work.

1.1 What is your motivation? Why do you think the topic is important to be investigated?

Motivation plays a vital role in a company as this helps employees to work in a good condition and also helps to control staff behaviour. As a result, employees can benefit from several advantages in their workplace. Their levels of efficiency as well as their ways of working towards achieving goals are quite clear if they are well-motivated at work. Through the use of different incentives, employees are more concentrated to achieve the objectives which are set by the company.

1.2 Discuss the importance of the research to the organisation(s) involved.

There are numerous ways of motivating staff at the CWA. There are incentives which are used as motivators. These techniques are used in order to encourage the employees to accomplish certain objectives for the company. The motivated persons need no supervision or direction. So, motivators can be positive as well as negative.

There are positive incentives which include rewards at work, praises, an increase in salary and encouragement from managers. But there are negatives motivators as well in certain situations, whereby a manager uses warnings, demotion, stopping increments and issue of memo to induce the worker to behave in a disciplined way at work.

It is important to assess the factors influencing motivation at CWA as their performance can affect the life of Mauritian citizens.

2.0 (b) Justify your choice of journals.

First of all, these journals are very useful for readers and researchers. It helped me to complete my research work and also helped me to understand more about the articles. I have used the online databases to conduct the research for my assignment. The online databases used are EBSCOhost and Emerald insight. The journals are readily available on the internet and there is no need to search for books in order to get information needed for research. There are different journals available and I have chosen the 10 journals/articles to refer for the literature review for my assignment.

2.1 (c) (i) Formulate a Problem Statement for your chosen topic.

Problem Statement refers to the different problems that an organization faces. It also provides an explanation of the problems as well as the solutions to a particular problem. There exists a time when an organization faces numerous problems such as lack of motivation, poor communication skills, leadership skills and conflicts among workers.

So, there are managers of certain businesses who do not provide any rewards to their employees and this prevents them from concentrating in their work as they are not rewarded for their hard work. Some examples of rewards are job satisfaction, bonuses, cars, travel allowances and pay for overtime.

Moreover, communication skills are essential at work. Communication between managers and employees is vital so that important decisions can be taken by both employee and manager. Another way of improving communication in the workplace is that staff shares their ideas and contribute equally in a particular project.

Besides, leadership skills are also necessary for a firm. The manager can choose someone who can help other staff to achieve the objectives. The staff should possess the qualities of a ‘leader’ so that he/she can take priority over any other matter. The qualities of teamwork can be considered and this helps to know more about others perspectives on a project. Therefore, everyone gets the chance to express themselves and work together towards the same goals.

However, conflicts do exist between co-workers. This results from poor communication between the staff in an entity. This problem tends to diminish employee morale and productivity. Stress at work can be another problem when the worker is assigned workloads to complete on deadlines. Thus this raises conflicts and frustration for others.

2.2 (c) (ii) Write about three research objectives

The research objectives in a topic should be concise and it should have the purpose stating the clear aims of a work. So, the purpose of this research is to examine how motivation has an influence upon employees’ performance at CWA.

The research aims are:

Assessing the impacts of motivation and the study of employees’ performance at the CWA Company.

To develop the necessary skills and knowledge of employees.

Encouraging staff as well as promoting their talents towards new projects.

3.0 (c) (iii) Prepare about three research questions

These research questions are set in order to deal with the problem raised by the following questions:

How to boost staff motivation at the CWA firm?

Does employee motivation have an impact on the entity’s achievement?

How can teamwork motivate and influence staff in their organization?

3.1 (c) (iv) Develop one pair of hypotheses for your topic

This refers to a statistical procedure that is used to decide whether or not there is enough evidence in a pattern of statistic to deduce that a certain circumstance is genuine for the entire populace.

Hypothesis 1: A positive relationship exists between motivation and staff performance at CWA.

Hypothesis 2: A negative relationship exists between motivation and staff performance at CWA.

3.2 (d) Carry out a literature survey.

Literature Review

It has been proven from different articles that motivation is a dominating factor on employees’ performance. Being a potential sector of the Mauritian Economy, this study aims to examine how motivation affects employees’ performance at CWA.

As stated by TAMPU and Larisa (2015), the many factors that influence performance, motivation plays an important role. Thus, behavioral acts do not occur free in their base there are some internal motives that boosts the activity and support it in an energetic manner. It is impossible to study theories of motivation, without speaking of the whip and carrot1 in other words the use of rewards and sanctions to induce desired behavior. The advocates of this theory argues that greater importance have social needs of people, while scientific management theorists argued that material rewards leads to economic growth.

As stated by Khurana and al (2017), over the years, many theories which have been formulated to explain different motivation levels for different people. Motivation could arise from Intrinsic factors (factors which arise naturally or within) or Extrinsic factors (factors which are based on an external stimulus). Some of the widely accepted theories are Abraham Maslow’s Need Hierarchy Theory, Douglas McGregor’s Theory X and Theory Y, Herzberg’s Two-Factor Theory, David McClelland’s Three Need Model, etc. to name a few 1.2 DAVID MCCLELLAND’S THREE NEED MODEL.

Hsieh et al (2012) noted that one such potential antecedent is employees’ motivational bases—what motivates employees to behave in a certain way. It is reasonable to expect that people with different motivational bases may have different tendencies or use different strategies to regulate their emotions. Studying the effects of motivational bases helps us understand how to motivate or induce employees to engage in emotional labor. Emotional labor has been studied in two types of situations: interactions with organizational insiders such as coworkers and supervisors, and interactions with organizational outsiders such as clients or customers.

Bradford S & Kevin J (2007) put forward the skill assessments and the development of skill inventories make sense from an organizational perspective to link developmental learning activities to the organization’s strategic plan. Although direct studies on person assessment are lacking, there is research on the framing of training that has relevance to person analysis and skill assessment reactions. The second reaction dimension we examine in this study is trainees’ utility perceptions, or the extent to which trainees perceive the assessment feedback as useful for identifying their strengths and weaknesses and ultimately improving their skills.

Martono S. et al (2018) concluded that remuneration and job satisfaction are two highly important factors in individual performance improvement. In addition, remuneration can improve motivation and job satisfaction. This research also shows that, the influence of reward management system in the form of remuneration to employee performance could be created through mediating variables such as motivation and job satisfaction.

Nicolai J Foss & Lindenberg Siegwart (2012) stated that team motivation has beneficial organization-level consequences because it impacts the tasks that organizational members are willing to engage in; how much effort they will put into these tasks; and how they coordinate their actions. There are at least three crucial ingredients for the realization of joint production motivation with close coordination. First of all, there must be a fairly stable team membership; second of all, the normative goal-frame has to be stabilized and maintained among the team members, and third, the team members must recognize the situation as one of joint production.

Accordingly, Hussein N Ismail (2018) put forward that organizations capable of building Performance Appraisal (PA) systems which employees consider to be satisfying harvest many vital employee outcomes at the workplace. This is especially true since Performance Appraisal (PA) represents a chief concern for employees in terms of rewards that directly impact their working lives, including compensation, promotion and training opportunities, and even extreme decisions such as demotion and termination. Therefore, this study proposes that employees who find their organizations supportive (i.e., offering effective appraisal and constructive feedback) will reciprocate with feelings of satisfaction toward the performance appraisal. Additionally, employees will feel obliged to repay the firm through enhanced behavior, one of which is better creative performance.

4.0 Write your literature review by following the steps below: Write a report of the research works studied. Consider the topics addressed, methods used, trends, explanations of approaches, the ontology, epistemology and whatever appears interesting and relevant.

The literature review is beneficial in a research as this explains the way of setting objectives for the workers and meeting their progress. This helps to attain the achievements in a research proposal. The literature review is very useful as this consists of interesting and important information which are used as a guide for any projects.

The different articles and journals have been very beneficial to my research topic. These journals and articles provided the various perspectives of the authors. The literature survey is a great way to obtain data and gives a clearer idea of how to conduct my research in a more effective way.


(e) Select the methods you will employ to answer your research questions guided by the research papers studied. Justify your choice of methods and the sampling size and method recommended.

In order to achieve the research objectives of the study, a quantitative research will be more appropriate.

Quantitative research refers to the statistical representation of data. In other words, it is a description of numerical data and it is used to measure data in various ways. The collection of data is done through the use of questionnaires, surveys and experiments

A survey will be carried out to collect data. The population of the survey will be CWA employees. Questionnaires will be distributed in order to obtain relevant data in respect of workers’ motivation. The results collected through the questionnaires will be analyzed using SPSS and will further presented using different statistical representations such as bar charts, pie charts, graphs and hypothesis.

In addition to, this type of research method provides the chance of gathering and assessing data in a more narrative way. So, this takes the form of interviews which will be used as a research medium to gather the necessary information about the company.

4.2 (f) Prepare a time table (e.g Gantt Chart) to manage your time bearing in mind the total available time for your project (around 10 months starting April 2019). Be realistic about the time you would dedicate for each task.

Tentative Gantt Chart Year 2019   Activities April May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec Jan 1 Introduction                     2 Aims and Objectives                     3 Literature Review                     4 Research Methodology                     5 Analysis of data gathered                     6 Conclusion                     7 References                     (g) List any resources you would need and specify ethical considerations.

Ethical considerations are vital when conducting a research. This also helps to decide about the suitable and unacceptable behaviors. This considers what is called as ethics and distinguishes between what is proper and wrong. So, it is an essential issue as it is about problems associated with information sharing, confidentiality and recommendations. It is important that all researchers follow certain regulations so that their research can be accepted as a genuine one. Therefore, the correct guidelines and policies must be followed by carrying out a research on a topic.


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