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Paper type: Essay , Subject: Business

Student’s name Marcelle Shaleen Radebe

Student number 201600523

Name of Campus RandburgYear of Study 2nd Semester 2


I, the undersigned declare that:

I have retained a copy of this assessment.

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I understand what plagiarism is and are aware of the Damelin’s policy in this regard.

The work hereby submitted is my original work, gathered and utilised to fulfil the requirements of this assignment except for source material explicitly acknowledged.

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I have not allowed, and will not allow, anyone to copy my work with the intention of passing it off as their own work.

Signature of Student Date 00DECLARATION BY STUDENT

I, the undersigned declare that:

I have retained a copy of this assessment.

I understand what plagiarism is and are aware of the Damelin’s policy in this regard.

The work hereby submitted is my original work, gathered and utilised to fulfil the requirements of this assignment except for source material explicitly acknowledged.

I have not used work previously produced by another student or any other persons to hand in as my own.

I have not allowed, and will not allow, anyone to copy my work with the intention of passing it off as their own work.

Signature of Student Date

Programme B. com Marketing and Business Management

Module Name Business Management 2B Module Code BMG220

Lecturer Mr. Augustine Williams

Due date 20 August 2019 Date submitted 20 August 2019


Please note that it is your responsibility to retain copies of your assessments.

A CheckforPlagiarism report MUST be attached to each assignment submission.



Question 1: Case Study – ‘Walk the Walk’4

Question 2: Case Study – The Macondo Well Blowout5

Question 3: Describe Organisation Behaviour7




An organisation is a group of people that make up a business and together with their individual differences; they work towards achieving a common goal and objectives either in a government or a private company. In turn, bringing in profits, revenue and making an impact in the economy and the environment.

Organisational behaviour analyses the internal behaviour of people and their interrelationships in the organisation in a process of understanding, predicting and controlling of the human interaction in order to assist in enhancing effective performance and sustainability.

In this assignment, I will be reviewing the case studies and further elaborating on understanding individual differences and organisational behaviour for a better understanding in how important behaviour plays a big role in the company performance.



Reflect on Spranger’s value orientation dimensions and use it to explain the behaviour of the perpetrator in the case study.

Spranger’s value orientation dimensions contain six (6) differences, namely:


Source: www.assessment24x7.com

The senior manager was controlling and unaware of the impact of her behaviour towards the staff. This led to her no longer working with the organisation because she was unsettled with the complaints from the staff that were presented to her by the HR and CEO. Her dismissal was due to her refusing training to improve her interactions.

Staff members were also afraid to report her because of the possibility of facing consequences since the organisation is fairly small. Although the perpetrator was worthy of the company, the bullying allegations took the better of her (lacked confidence) and hence, power does not overcome workplace bullying.

Explain how you would use Spranger’s Value Orientation to change the perpetrator’s attitude and behaviour.

It is important to not just talk about value, beliefs and attitude but to also practice the preach. I would use Spranger’s value orientation to change the perpetrators behaviour and attitude by enforcing the senior manager to take the necessary skills in socialising an aesthetic orientation for her to be relatable, sympathetic of staff, helpful, positive and focus driven in the culture of the organisation.


CASE STUDY: The Macondo Well blowout

2.1If you were a BP manager at Deep water drilling rig, discuss how you could have used the principles of organisational behaviour postulated by Dodd et al.(2015) to prevent this disaster from happening.

590550100139500Organisational behaviour is a study that allows the management of organization’s interactions to work towards a common goal and promote staff gratification and effectiveness capacity for organisational sustainability and productivity.

Source: www.tribtalk.org

The Macondo Well Blowout problem definition

In 2010, Deepwater Horizon experienced a well explosion a mile under water on the drilling rig in the gulf of Mexico. This problem was due to organisation and management failures.

Cause of the disaster

Deepwater Horizon’s responsible operator was BP with several partners that share costs and profits. The disaster was not caused by technology failure but the reports from National Commission on the oil spill show that operations and management issues produced the cause.

Prevention of disaster

If I were a manager a BP, to avert this situation from happening, I would:

Top management has to be cohesive towards a common goal so that the rest of the staff’s responsibilities are in place and structured/laid out.

It is crucial for BP to have clear and timely communication between staff, management and partners in decision-making to avoid unnecessary risk happening in the Macondo well.

Clear instructions have to be set out to avoid confusion amongst members in the organisation.

Adequate training to staff for the utilisation of technology equipment for rigging to get maximum productivity. Supervising the staff in rigging will ensure effectiveness and sustainability in the long run with quality material that are within budget. Management of subcontractors must be strong by comprehension and miscommunication.

Technology has to be maintained when it is due to prevent the explosion.

Risk assessment is enforced for thee safety of the organisation and staff, having enough time and costs to assess the possibilities of risk management or any accidents.

In BP, compliance to procedures and management is of great significance, from training of technology to costs and profits for Deepwater Horizon.


Source: Processing Magazine


3.1 Conduct an interview with management from any South African company to establish the company’s objective/s. apply the four-stage process of achieving the objectives as suggested by Dodd et al.(2015) to the identifies company’s status quo as per your interview responses.


Source: www.stageandscreen.co.za

I will be interviewing the Multichoice Group to establish how they achieve their objectives.

Company name:Multichoice Group

Candidate interview:Multichoice Management and Calvo Mawela (CEO)

Date of interview:12 August 2019

Aspirations of interview

In this interview, am a Marketing and Business student, my aim is to establish Multichoice objectives by applying the four-stage process of achieving objectives.

Brief description about Multichoice

Being a platform for numerous entertainment services, Multichoice creates and secures exceptional content from all over the world. Multichoice provides a number of services from its operating subsidiaries (The Group) to cater for different lifestyles and preferences, namely, DStv, GOtv and DStv Now.


Source: www.dalafm.co.ke

Goal: Multichoice is famous for their tag line ‘enriching lives’ because of the impact and power of entertainment.

Aim: Multichoice aims to be South Africa’s first choice and leading pay-media destination.

Interview questions and answers:

Interviewer: What is the current situation that Multichoice is experiencing and to what depth?

Interviewee: currently Multichoice and its DStv service has been wrestling to stay afloat with an overall growth from 11,942m, Premium subscribers reduced from 1,962m to 1,921m, 41 000 less subscribers in 2016. This means that revenue is being affected.

Interviewer: What is the reason for this type of situation to occur and impact profits negatively?

Interviewee: After our competition Netflix gained huge recognition of their benefits after entering the South African market in 2016, it has affected the number of premium subscribers to a lower rate. As a competitor to Multichoice, Netflix is a streaming service provider that viewers can watch anywhere, anytime, with one or endless internet-connected devices.

According to Mawela (Multichoice CEO), once someone switches to a streaming service, they do not return to broadcast television and that is an unfair advantage.

Interviewer: Currently, how is Multichoice planning on fighting back to be the first preference to consumers?

Interviewee: The business had started to approach to securing the entitlement of streaming-only package offer for all entertainment interests, says Mawela.

Multichoice ended up gaining entitlement for all channels on DStv and now customers have the advantage of streaming on DStv Now.

To avoid risk of the business, ICASA was asked to not to be too controlling on pay-tv as jobs will be jeopardised and ex-staff will flock to Multichoice respected competition such as Netflix and Amazon.


We have picked up that organisational behaviour is the study of human behaviour in a company and it is an important element to consider in management science, as it motivates the internal organisation to make an exceptional appearance externally.

For an organisation to maintain its sustainability, staff must continue to work respectively and effectively in their own culture, firm structure and constant improved performance.


Bryant, A. 2011. Googles’s quest to build a better boss.[Online] Available from: Accessed on 02 August 2019.

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Behaviour. Cape Town: Oxford.

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Multichoice strategy, available from: www.financialresults.co.za/2013/multichoice_ir2013/strategy.php. Accessed 3rd August 2019.

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Theron, A. 2009. Attitudes and values. In Z.C. Bergh & A.L. Theron (Eds), Psychology in the Work Context 4th ed. pp. 146-163. Cape Town: Oxford University Press.

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