Business Ethics as an Essential Component in the Day-to-Day Interaction between Employers and Employees

Business ethics is an essential component in the day-to-day interaction between employers and employees. Business ethics gives employees and employers directions. However, business ethics is relative, and there is no standard formula to identify ethical practices from unethical ones. Furthermore, there is a thin line between ethical and unethical considerations. The relativity on the application of ethics is what Graymatters tries to resolve. There are several cases presented by Graymatters on real business scenarios. These cases have responses that offer solutions to the challenges faced by both employees and employers.

Some ethical scenarios presented in the Graymatters coupled with a view on the proposed actions taken in addressing the challenges are discussed below in details. First is a dishonesty case where two subordinate staff took office supplies for personal use. It is an ethical concern because it violates the basic tentacles of employees’ responsibilities of safeguarding organizational assets. I consent to the action of locking up supplies and only providing them to employees when needed.

This is because the company has a responsibility to look after its assets and prevent them from misuse by anyone.

Nonetheless, other responses given as remedies will not provide optimal solutions to the dishonest acts of the employees. For instance, telling the employees that supplies are for organizational use only does not make any sense. This is because all employees are aware of this fact. Urging employees on the use of office supplies does not stop them from having the supplies for personal use. Therefore, an option of keeping office supplies in a secure place can resolve the violation of business ethics by errant staff members (Sciences, 2012).

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Another case that violates the work ethics involves a coworker who signs for a training course that he never attends. I partly agree with the analysis of the ethical options provided in the case. Speaking with the coworker and establishing his action is most favorable before taking the matter at hand. The dialogue will enable one to ascertain any other motive behind the employee’s action. Another option that may resolve the issue is talking to the supervisor about the employee’s absence. It will provide a room for further analysis of the misconduct of the employee in his daily duties. On the other hand, sending anonymous letter and failure to take charge of the acts are unethical. It is because every employee is accountable for maintenance of organizational ethics. All employees should be observant of any unethical acts done by their colleagues and report the same in order to safeguard the organization’s reputation (Sciences, 2012).

The last is a case of a supervisor who forces a diligent employee to a fabricated contribution in order to secure a deserving promotion. I do agree with some of the analysis of the case, which includes telling the coworkers about the threat made by the supervisor and contacting the human resource representative. This is because the moves aim at finding a permanent solution that embraces the due course of justice. On the other hand, I totally disagree with the option of complying with the threats. This is because doing so jeopardizes an individual’s integrity. In addition, refusing to contribute without taking any measures only validates more harassment in the future. Consequently, this violates business ethics in the organization as it fails to provide a resolution to a real dilemma (Sciences, 2012). In conclusion, Graymatters is a resourceful site that provides solutions to ethical matters existent in real business environments. However, a careful scrutiny of options is indispensable to the attainment of optimal measures towards the problems that threaten the existence of peaceful and productive work relations.

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