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Review of the new Buffalo King slot, famous for its generous multipliers during the free spins round and high volatility. You can find it at Mr. Green.

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Buffalo King is reigning supreme among fans of highly volatile slots. Want to talk about symbols, RTP, and bonus features? Mr. Green gives you the full lowdown.

Buffalo King

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The welcome bonus is available to new players at Mr. Green, depositing for the first time. Players must deposit a minimum of €20 to qualify, with deposits matched up to €100. The welcome bonus can be used on casino wagers only and is subject to a 35x wagering requirement. 350 free spins will be released once the initial deposit amount has been wagered.

You can also use another 20 free spins over 5 days (100 in total).

At first glance, Buffalo King is a slot that rather like a buffalo itself lazily parading on the North American prairies and minding its own business, seems rather innocuous and uneventful.

But appearances can be deceiving and though the base game can at times be guilty of being a bit ‘samey, that’s sort of missing the point.

That’s because Buffalo King, available at Mr. Green casino (link to https://www.mrgreen.com/an/), is cut from the same cloth as the likes of Dead or Alive in that it’s a simple-looking slot with not a huge amount going on, but boasts great levels of volatility.

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As would happen if you mounted one of these great beasts, you’re in for a bumpy ride.

How to play Buffalo King

Buffalo King comes to us courtesy of Pragmatic Play (link to https://www.mrgreen.com/an/providers/pragmaticplay).

Click on the symbol to the bottom left of the screen that’s a circle with three horizontal lines on it. It’s where you can adjust the system settings that include things like whether you want ambient music on, sound effects on or off, and whether you want the intro screen to be shown when the game loads up. It also gives you the option to have the ‘Battery Saver’ on (fewer animations, more battery power saved) and use the Quick Spin option, which does exactly what it says on the tin.

Most important of all, this is where you adjust your stake. The minimum bet per spin is 40 cents/pence and the big bet is 60 Euros/GBP. You can also make use of the Autoplay function and set your parameters.

It’s a 6×4 reel slot and there are 4,096 different ways to win.

There are nine symbols in the base game: five-cardfive card-playing symbols (low value) and four types of animals (premium value). The big win is 93, 750 times your bet but the chances of nabbing that are about the same as those of seeing a white buffalo: slim to none.

Key features of Buffalo King

Buffalo King takes place on the windswept prairies of North America. Miles and miles of picturesque red rocks, grass for grazing, horse-trodden paths, and the sort of sunsets that you normally only ever see in cowboy movies.

The Buffalo King may be the star attraction but he’s brought along some of his mates for the ride. So, the eagle, the wolf, the moose, and the cougar join the Buffalo as the premium-paying symbols, with those playing cards around to make up the numbers.

As per usual, winning combinations pay from left to right and you’ll need three to six of them in a line to secure your payout. The Buffalo isn’t just the King of the prairie, he’s also the King of the pay table. He’s the most valuable symbol (wouldn’t you be if the slot was named after you?) and six of him in a row pays out 7.5 times your stake.

Buffalo King Wild symbol

The Buffalo is of course a wild animal ill-suited to living in captivity so you’d think that maybe the Buffalo would be the Wild itself. You’d be…wrong.

The Buffalo is solely the highest paying symbol in the game and instead, it’s left to the big, hard-as-rock err…rock, to act as the Wild symbol. It appears on all Reels, except Reel 1.

As you’d expect from a Wild symbol, it can substitute for any other symbol except, of course, the Scatter. In this case, any wins secured with the help of the Wild aren’t doubled or trebled in the base game like they are at other slots (link to https://www.mrgreen.com/an/slots).

But don’t worry too much about that because it’s not in the base game that you pocket those whopping wins, anyway.

Bonus features in Buffalo King

What did mama buffalo say when her youngest went off to college? Bison.

Pretty funny but it could be no laughing matter for the Casino hosting Buffalo King if you’re able to trigger the free spins.

Free Spins

The Scatter/Bonus symbol is the golden coin displaying a buffalo and it can be found on any of the reels.

Three of them get you eight free spins, four gives you 15, five get you 25, and six would mean you’re really in business with an incredible 100 free spins to look forward to.

And this is where that Wild symbol comes into play. Any win secured with the help of the Wild will multiply your win by 2x, 3x, or 5x.

And that’s not even the full story. If two or more Wilds are making up the win, they’re multiplied by each other, up to a staggering 3,125x your stake.

Bonus symbols appearing during the round can cause the free spins to be re-triggered with five, eight, 15, 25, or 100 extra spins up for grabs, depending on how many bonus symbols you get.


If you’re sick of hearing about the ‘color’ aspect of the slot and the fuzzy feel-good descriptions of what to expect in this game and would much rather focus on cold, hard numbers, then this is the section for you. Here they are in all their glory.

  • Max Win (£): 93.750x times your stake.
  • Max Win (coins): 93.750x times your stake.
  • Min Bet (£): 0.40
  • Max Bet (£): 60.00
  • Return to player: 96,06%
  • Volatility: High.
  • Free Play available: Yes.


Pragmatic Play hasn’thaven’t put all their time and effort into producing a work of art that’s easy on the eye and looks like something that the team at Pixar would be proud of.

Instead, they’ve made a slot that’s simple to play and deceptively brutal, much like a buffalo itself when in a bad mood. A lean run can see your wallet take some damage while a good one on the free spins can see you heavily rewarded as the Wilds make those big multipliers come into play.

One for the big hitters who can take the rough with the smooth and for that reason alone, a slot that can easily gather a cult following in no time.

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