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Scientists have found that the Danes are pretty much the happiest people in the world. This novel reveals that not for true all Danes. Asger for example is not a good mood. However, the forty years of his fortune has gambled himself because he screwed up his job at an advertising agency thoroughly. Just because his last campaign went against the grain in person, he has made it easy for yourself and download photos from the Internet. Of course, flew on, and hey presto, our narrator was going on his job.

Since then, he spends his time as such inedible Couch Potato, that his wife Sara, together with daughter Amalie taken to their heels and have him thus deprived of family happiness.

While Asgers body accumulates a huge plus in a very short time to be decorated account at the same time an equally fat minus. Even friend Stanley granted only loan if he seeks a new job. So he applied to become unskilled nursing assistants and to imagine is made at Waldemar.

Waldemar lives in an area where one would expect no all-around happy people. “If you do not believe in hell, sit down to line B and propelled by Stentofte.” This district of Copenhagen is a ‘social problem’, the desolation, the large sculpture “base of the joy of life”, which dominates as a colored lighthouse even the town hall, can not wegstrahlen.

There therefore Asger knocks on in a concrete residential Bunker an apartment door. After Waldemar lurking through the peephole, bolts and safety chain retracted and the door is open, Asger seen for the first time the conjoined small man with vampire white, spotty skin and thick glasses.

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Over a cup of real coffee Waldemar tells him of his infirmity. Although only twenty-two years old, had this “walking encyclopaedia of rare and ugly suffering … so many diseases that I would have committed murder readily to be spared this kind”.

Asger takes over the job – and thus begins a friendship found in both men again a purpose in life. “Do I know already somewhere,” you say.? Then you remember certainly on the true story of paraplegic Philippe Pozzo di Borgo and his carer Abdel Yasmin Sellou, an Algerian. Under the title “Intouchables” she was immensely popular – as novel tells of Pozzo di Borgo Philippe Pozzo di Borgo: “Ziemlich best Freunde”.

Well,” continued Death Audi “is different and independent. As the title indicates, this death is omnipresent; The plot of this road movie novel is more tragic than funny, and with a happy ending, we should not expect.

Despite the slightly sloppy, commonly known seasoned voice style ( “Kulturfuzzi”) edited Foss one in the first part of the action very painful subject, the daily struggle to survive socially of disadvantaged people. As Asger the absurd battle of the deep freeze for the few Billigsthähnchen from the net loss leader envisions the week, a laughter in the throat gets stuck. And stunned we read how in an area dumpsters, cars and entire buildings are in daily flared, not even have disgruntled citizens qualms about demolishing a wheelchair. Here there is quite blunt and brutal survival of the fittest.

One such Waldemar has no chance here, even to find a little luck. there’s only run away. On the Internet, he read from a Moroccan healer named Torbi el Mekki; he wants to see. Asger holds him while a charlatan, but is still willing to give Waldemar’s request. In a sponsored VW bus, the two hoof it through Europe, meet bizarre types and live through many adventures. Somewhere in France, they get lost and hopeless end up in a remote mountain village. On a farm there loud spleenige even messed up life-outs, the two to stay in the community for a few days. At the end of their odyssey Waldemar holding the bottle of miracle water in hands.

Foss’ novel has strengths and small weaknesses. The socially critical realism is one of the compelling features of the book; more comprehensive disillusionment can not. After the strong start has captivated readers alike, the body lets him loose again. The long journey through Europe gets sometimes quite lengthy, and most fellow men whose paths they cross the road, get into the flippant design of the narrator too pale, to leave a lasting impression. Consistently realistic is the fatalistic end of the novel, when we know what Waldemar actually motivated his long journey. “Døden kører Audi” has been awarded the EU Prize for Literature and in Denmark as one of the celebrated original books of the season. Nina Hoyer has it translated into German.

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