Blood salt water by Denise Mina Review

From plays around healthy sea breeze, the Scottish town of Helensburgh is idyllically situated on the north bank of the Clyde River, which here herströmend of Glasgow, wide for kilometers Firth of Clyde expands. In the northeast equal starts outside the city limits of Loch Lomond and The Trossachs National Park. Here live Glasgow commuters, marine relatives, rich retirees. Only in Edinburgh property prices are even higher. Denise Mina, 1966 Glasgow-born writer, teaches us that you do not live here once peaceful and safe.

Right at the start, driving three types who hardly know each other in the van before and bring a young woman from the house that joins them “obedient like a calf.” A short time later, she is killed brutally on a jetty at Loch Lomond. One of the three was sorry in advance what to expect, and the pain that he felt himself as he smashed her skull, “as he had killed earlier young fish”, it will not leave until the end of the novel.

scene and change of location. Alex Morrow “could sit here in underpants, and no one would notice.” As a simple DI (Detective Inspector), the mother can feel gebauchpinselt of twins that they have been invited at all. The others in this team meeting are the three most powerful bosses of the Police Scotland in Glasgow. It’s about seven million pounds vorbeigeschleust at the Treasury, were washed somewhere and then disappeared, never to return. The case should remain in the hands of the Scots, without the parent Metropolitan Police wind gets it.

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DI Morrow is only so far in the game, as they have been over a month a person in Glasgow monitors that keeps the Met is highly suspicious.

Alex Morrow target person is the recently-arrived Roxanna Fuentecilla. The Spanish-born came with a friend and two children escape to England and settled in London. They lived in grand style and perverse in upscale circles. Roxanna became friends with Maria Arias, the wife of a Colombian diplomat and jetted with her between Barcelona and London back and forth. Smuggled them in the inviolable diplomatic pouch drugs? Funded the couple Arias that his extraordinary car and property purchases? The Met did not the “mother lode” of illegal income on the track.

After the sudden move to Glasgow bought Roxanna a “profitable insurance agency.” The total investment (seven million) was transferred to winding paths of diverse accounts in the Cayman Islands, but the original account belongs to Maria Arias. Now that the Police Scotland is responsible, DI Morrow and her colleagues want to find out how the scams are related and what role Roxanna plays. Well that in such a high-level conference DI Morrow’s humble opinion is not asked. So they can lie low and keep the last state of things for themselves. He is not a badge of honor. Denise Mina told in their complex detective story ” Blood Saltwater < ” Denise Mina “Blood Salt Water” at Denise Mina is a discovery, the other way, I’ll be watching for me.

It has developed a fancy, complex plot convincing and served the act virtuously in the form of tiny building blocks that initially appear disjointed, but in the course of the novel add a complete picture as pieces of the puzzle. It all comes together in Helensburgh – incidentally, in 2014 just before the referendum on Scottish independence. The geographical origin, social background and other motifs split opinions to create local color and political sensitivity. The author formulated sensitive, creative and original. They peopled her story with life-like, well-profiled figures, including unscrupulous criminals who do not make themselves their hands dirty, and downright pathetic villains who somehow can not help it. Even after years of prison sentences they drive on the slippery slope ahead and the track can not change.

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