Black Souls of Gioacchino Criaco Review

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Dark are the wild mountain regions of the Calabrian Aspromonte. In the extreme south of the Italian boot, between the towns of Catanzaro and Reggio Calabria, the Tyrrhenian and the Ionian Sea, this mountain range rises to almost two thousand meters. Nature is set in a vast national park under protection, and also in some villages still spoken Greek dialect ( “Grekaniko”) is to be saved from extinction. Moreover, the people who live separated here, on their own, and so it has shipped seems timeless practices.

The three young men whose lives the novel ” Anime Nere “Gioacchino Criaco: “Anime Nere” at”

The unnamed narrator and his friends Luciano and Luigi are children of poor goatherd. Like their ancestors for nearly three millennia they grow in the sixties as “sons of the woods” in the Aspromonte on, do not offer all the families despite erbärmlichster circumstances enough to survive. The only way something dazuzuverdienen, the clan chief has the ‘Ndrangheta. For each job, and no matter how vile – at that time there were kidnappings and ransom – he finds henchmen who make him their hands dirty and have to fear the arm of the law, while “Don” as in clover on his estates lives.

Most hate him, not only because he fobs their lucrative services with a few lire, but the largest chunk retains for itself, but for the arbitrariness of his rule with which he about awards contracts. Consistent and predictable it is, however, to all those who want to escape its influence.

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Some villagers have paid the attempt with their lives. Luciano for example, has never met his father. He was found before the birth of his child to “riddled with lead.”

Still, Luciano pulls the night with the other two boys through the rough, furrowed by wild boars terrain close pine woods, low oaks -, beech and larch forests and thorny gorse bushes, hit the father of the narrator to her. The man of the mountains know: Who was born here, will die here, “from poverty or in a hail of bullets.” Together they wait for the living goods, which will be sent to them by truck. This time it’s a man who does not show any signs of fear. As always, was put over his head to him a hood. At dawn, they would (call all just “the pig”) with the hostage leave, hide it for months in a stable and finally releasing it again in a different place – unless the ransom was paid

With nineteen. years, the boys already have a lot to answer for: theft, robbery, kidnapping, and even murder. Characterized by their miserable childhood they are especially hungry for a better life, and “we took what we wanted.” So then to the night time march through the mountains, which introduces the novel, go to their own account, not on the Don. It is the first step on their “journey to hell.” It leads you down into the lowlands of the seriousness of the crime, and far from the Aspromonte they build in Milan an international acting drug ring and arms trafficking.

It was not until much too late (just under fifty years) recognize the three unscrupulous criminals that them, even though they have become unimaginably rich and “have a lot get more than we wanted,” but “now only the extras, not the protagonists of a performance in which other direction lead” are. They “belong to a bygone era,” her field of activity is globalized. They live a life that is not theirs, along with people who do not like them, and eventually they will have a knife in the body or in the “prison to rot.” Either way, they are doomed -. “Black souls”

“Anime nere” is not designed as a detective story, not aligned even under tension. It is the attempt of a factual-documentary stock of how evil is eating its way into humans and completely takes possession of them, who were originally born but in character innocent. set out from destitution to lead a better life, they remain in the clutches of the disastrous past her home.

As few opportunities to the inhabitants of the mountain range between Sicily and southern Italy remained through the centuries, the author always brings again expressed. The mythological dream of the pre-Christian Osker-people never came true. The Osker Hero Kyria, the narrator likes identified with was tired of fighting, famine and disease. He called on the gods to put an end to the slaughter, and dreamed of peace and wooded countryside surrounded by mountains, where his people settle on a hill, “guard in peace animals and wild boar hunt” could. The gods showed him the way. But long their idyllic paradise did not last, as the Greeks fell upon them. This was followed by Romans, Bourbons and the Savoy, Fascists, and finally the Republic, and all brought new regulations, claims, demands and enticements. Left behind were aftereffects concrete and abstract destruction to this day – and the plague of the Mafia.

“Only in our mountains, we were normal people outside, we were animals in captivity … We were doing well with our black bread, our hunger, our diseases, our backwardness, we needed any help … Why could a thousand-year-old people their future does not even choose and live in their own country according to their own requirements? We did not want their integration, their progress, their language, their money. They have the devil opened the door. “the author Gioacchino Criaco (whose father Domenico was killed in a feud in 1993 and his brother Pietro until his arrest in 2008 was one of the most wanted criminals in Italy) paints a hopeless picture of his home, the criminal network to the smallest shepherd ranges from the highest levels of political and judicial and appears inextricably. His terse, emotions- and evaluation of free writing style fits the interpretation of the development of the region and to its Mafiosi innocent born victim of circumstances, which never was a choice.

Connecting do I this approach still does not. Finally, do not go all “sons of forests” such a bad way like the three shown here, and even the were not forced to be what they were: brutal, blunt killer. Once sunk so low, it also makes the slightly melancholy tone, she portrays in the Criaco in their longing for the lost paradise of prehistoric innocence, not sympathetic. When they finally found an opportunity to take revenge, and have brutally murdered the “Lord of Death”, the speech is by no means of purification. “Never before has a death had been so liberating.” We were “satisfied in full and without remorse.”

That they have sinned, they confess fully one ( “it was only fair that we forfeited”) and look at various gods (including pagan) for forgiveness for. Still, poker and maneuver them with the various departments of Justice and with the friendly and warring clans, as it related to a simultaneous chess game, not human lives. With its proven means they are able to draw from each affair. Managed the hated judge Barresi first, “a couple of times to life imprisonment and imprisonment of twenty to thirty years,” to condemn the gangsters, it says later: “The agreement looked to me no prison sentence.” Even arrest spectacle – SUV convoy fantastic secluded goat pen – are more like class reunion: Knowing the protagonists of all pages, feuding, assist or deceive each other for years, and now they hug and drink only once a coffee together before we part ways is.

Despite the noted question mark Criacos first novel of 2008, precisely because of his insider’s perspective produced a significant, albeit brittle book. Francesco Munzi has quite filmed released in 2014, which he chose as the location Criacos home village Africo and its dialect maintained (which is why the film is self-understood in Italy only with subtitles).

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