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Since 2006, Jörg Heinrich published (born 1966) in Munich’s tz the column “Heinrich today.” He also works for the editors of ZDF program “Furry adheres”.

Now, he has the delicious satirical book “biscuit or Colt” was published. In 35 short chapters he evaluates the fact findings of the Federal Statistical Office from, for example, accidents in road transport and budget, alcohol abuse “and so on and so dead.” Which he combined with absurd situations, compares it with other abstruse deadly dangers and thus created pretty grotesque results.

So the statistics provided convincing evidence that the ascent of Tröllflötjen is much more dangerous than climbing the Watzmann. (. By the way: Tröllflötjen is a chair from the range of Scandinavian furniture store)

We learn something about the previously criminally underrated risk potential of children’s birthday – or have you ever even aware that at a “musical chairs “Palestinian uprisings threaten? And anyway Children are a risk group with a difference: The magazine “Safe home & amp; go” from a Hamburg publishing house you can see which toxins are found in Kinderpopeln ( “Ene mene mopel who likes to eat boogers?”)

If you really want to die of a heart attack, which advises Henry to address this on a Monday, because since you are not alone in the hospital: Mondays dying people with special zeal, and doctors are recovering from their weekend.

quasi immortal one is against it in a friendly chat with a plane: So far, there was no single death in this situation – probably because the aircraft spacious donates on hot summer days of shadow

Wonderfully bizarre. and turned, spiced with bold comparisons ( “skydiving is so dangerous, it’s called Nordic Walking of the air”) and snappy sayings ( “botched Beckenbau” about medical errors in interpreting rule hospitals) and garnished with sensitive illustrations (by Oliver Weiss), this book provides, for example, as an ideal gift for little sensitive friends and relatives to any and every occasion – or even as an addition to a voucher for a spa weekend in the most dangerous place in Germany (Bad Tolz), a bottle of “Johnny Walker” and a box of Marlboro …

PS: The illustrator and designer Oliver Weiss, also born in 1966, among others for SPIEGEL, the TIME, the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, the Süddeutsche Zeitung and The Writer.

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