Biomechanics Is a Field of Study That Focuses on Human Body Motion and How It Can Be Improved

It is one of the most important fields of study as it can determine what causes the injuries which can be very useful as then they can be prevented from happening again. Biomechanics has come up with a way to ensure the safety for an athlete and their performance by discovering something called biomedical enhancement also known as human augmentation. Biomedical enhancement goals to overcome the current human body limitation through the use of technology. The biomedical enhancement will be proven one of the rewarding discovery for American Football.

Football is known as one of the most violent sport and has a very high rate of injuries per year. This essay will explore the reasons why biomechanical enhancement goes best in this sport and also how will that affect the team performance and the team members.

Firstly, if the biomechanics techniques and enhancement are applied in Football, it will create a sense of relief in athletes’ mind about becoming physically challenged.

Football is a sport which requires a tough body and strong state of mind because it is played by so much aggression. And somewhere along the line, every player has a fear of getting injured badly, which is understandable, can affect their focus on the game. However, with biomechanical enhancement players can play without worrying about getting seriously injured and losing their hands or legs as they can be replaced or treated. The main purpose of biomechanics is to analyze athletes performance and injuries thoroughly so they can be treated completely before the athletes go back into the field without the risk of higher damage.

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Moreover, the study of biomechanics is useful to coaches of Football team as well because it gives them the proper understanding of their players’ injuries with the recovery procedures and the time it would take to heal the injury completely. This is important because it helps them strategize their game plan, as to which players should play and which shouldn’t. With the applications of biomechanics, coaches can guide their players through proper strategies regarding each players’ strengths and weaknesses. Coaches would be able to break down all the basic components (such as physical quality, basic movement, individual skills, and physical ability) in each player of the team with the help of biomechanics.

Biomechanics enhancement is a process in which an athletes’ injured body part is replaced with a mechanical replica of the body part that provides the same support as the original with only better quality. In the near future, this can be proven a very useful and necessary procedure, however, it would also cause tension between team players. Football is a sport that requires teamwork and unity among the team members, but giving an advantage to one player above another player would result in some tension. Moreover, the opposing team might raise a question on the very same thing as to they are playing against people who have a stronger and better body than them because that would be an unfair match.

In conclusion, biomechanics would help the Football team to come with strategies that help them win the match easily just by analyzing each players’ body movement and performance ability. On the other hand, biomechanics enhancement removes the injured body part and replaces it with the replica of that part made with the newest technology. Since mechanical enhancement causes trouble among players, it would be not a great idea. But, the teams can still continue to use the applications of biomechanics to figure out the roots of injuries and treating them with proper techniques which would also help athlete very much. Using biomechanics in Football will decrease the injury rate of the athletes and increase the winning rate.

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