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Biological Sciences Essay Examples

Biological Lab: What Do Animal and Plant Cells Look Like

Materials: 1. Beaker 7. Eyedropper 13. Paper towel 2. Compound microscope 8. Forceps 14. Pencil 3. Coverslip 9. Human blood slide 15. Purple Onion 4. Drawing paper 10. Iodine solution 16. Scalpel 5. Elodea slide 11. Lens paper 17. Toothpick 6. Epithelial Cells Slide of Cheek 12. Microscope slide Results: 1. What is the basic…

Comparison of numbers of organisms In Coniferous And Deciduous Woodlands

An experiment was done to find out whether there was a difference in the number of organisms in the coniferous and deciduous woodlands. A quadrat of 10m by 10m was used and co-ordinates 5,1 5,2 5,3 5,4 5,5 5,6 5,7 5,8 5,9 5,10 were used because these were exactly in the middle of the quadrat…

Biology Lab: Cellular Respiration Notes

Cellular Respiration Introduction Lab Objective: In this lab, we are testing how the process of cellular respiration is affected by temperature, and also how it is different between germinating and non-germinating peas. Cellular respiration is a catabolic process (breaks down organic material into usable cell energy) that produces ATP. The electron receivers are inorganic. Cellular…



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The role of bottom up and top down processes in visual perception

Theories of perception tend to explain how the visual system operates in terms of two kinds of processes: bottom up, data driven ones, that are pre-attentive, and are a consequence of how the nervous system is structured and top down or concept driven processes which rely on experience, inference and expectations. Apart from the retina,…

On the Inheritance of Acquired Traits and the Theory of Use and Disuse.

On the Inheritance of Acquired Traits and the Theory of Use and Disuse. Charles Darwin’s On the Origin of Species described in great detail a means to explain the theory of evolution through natural selection. Within his work he makes many observations in relation to the heritability of acquired characteristics. As he describes the effects…

Compare and Contrast Vertebrate and Invertebrate Vision

Although vertebrates and invertebrates originally evolved from a common ancestral root, both have developed very different physical utilities for vision. Both are fairly effective and have taken many millions of years to evolve. They contain many common underlying mechanisms but differ in the features used to provide them. The definition of an eye is ‘an…

Nonmoral Nature

In Stephen Jay Gould’s “Nonmoral Nature,” he discusses nature, and the difference between cruelty in animals and humans, and explains how the same moral can not be applied for both. The order in which he presents the different points of view is very important. At the beginning he supports his writing with sources from scientists…

Pill Bug Lab

ABSTRACT Pill bugs live in an outside environment where they are able to get the necessary amount of energy from organic matter. This environment is where water and organic matter is plentiful. In there natural habitat, pill bugs are found in dark, damp places. Living in moist places is important for pill bugs so they…

Cardiovascular System, Study Guide

Chapter 18 The Circulatory System: Blood True / False Questions 1. Hemostasis is the production of formed elements of blood. Difficulty Level: Remember/Understand Section: 18. 1 Introduction Topic: Cardiovascular System 2. Blood viscosity stems mainly from electrolytes and monomers dissolved in plasma. Difficulty Level: Remember/Understand Section: 18. 1 Introduction Topic: Cardiovascular System 3. Lymphoid hemopoiesis…

Theory of Spontaneous Origin and Biogenesis

INTRODUCTION Robert. C. Gallagher once said: “Change is inevitable- except from a vending machine. ” “Change” is the word the practically governs our world today. Everything is slowly and gradually changing, new technologies and opportunities boosting everywhere. But the underlying question which we all wishfully choose to ignore is “All the changes happening is for…

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