Billions to Help Those in Need

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Money, like food and water, is vital to life as we know it. Whether you are buying groceries or just having a shopping spree, money is being used. A lot of people nowadays are increasingly stinger with their money and won’t spare even a dollar for someone in need. But what if they had more money? Would they continue to think only of themselves and their wants and needs or would they give it all away? I think the best example of a person who devotes his life to giving away money is Bill Gates.

Bill Gates, a businessman, and philanthropist is using his billions to help others in need. With his “Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation”, he and his wife give back to communities and people in need and believe that “All lives have equal value and they are impatient optimists working to reduce inequity” (Gates Foundation).

Before all of his adventures at Microsoft and his work at the foundation, Bill Gates was just a normal boy who grew up in a normal family.

Born October 28, 1955, to an upper-middle-class family, Gates grew up with his mother, father, and two sisters, Kristianna and Libby. His home was “warm and close” (Biography) and was probably a big part of how educated he was. For Gates, being smart wasn’t the problem; he had no difficulties learning the information in class. His problem was that he was just plain bored. Because of that, his parents enrolled him in Lakeside school when he was 13 to hopefully combat his boredom in class.

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“Gates blossomed in nearly all of his subjects, particularly science and math” (Biography) and even managed to score 1590 on the SAT, nearly a perfect score. Gates then went on to attend Harvard University to pursue a career in law. However, his time at Harvard was short-lived because Gates dropped out in 1975. After dropping out of college, Gates and partner Paul Allen founded Microsoft.

Microsoft wasn’t the beginning for Gates and Allen; they had already formed another business called “Traft-O-Data” (Biography). Traft-O-Data was a program that monitored traffic in Seattle. Together they made $20,000 and soon after, they formed Microsoft. Microsoft didn’t start as a billion-dollar company and was pretty unstable at the start. By 1979, the company had gotten out of its unstable rut and was bringing in around 2.5 million dollars.

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