Manufacturing companies have long been critiqued for their contributions to waste, air and water pollution. Bikery, as a bicycle manufacturing company, aims to push towards “going green” in efforts to reduce waste and to clean up production methods. It can be achieved through the establishment of environmentally-friendly operations within the manufacturing field.

Vision: To be a globally competitive bicycle manufacturing company that provides innovative products and services to the people.


To be a successful and profitable bicycle manufacturer capable of delivering excellent services to our customers.

To foster sustainable communities and build an environment friendly bicycles

To be able to produce bicycles designed and built for people who have disabilities.

Market summary:

Bikery will leverage the information of the bicycle market and target customers to better understand who is served, their specific needs about quality and other features of the bicycles like color, seating, mileage etc.

Market needs:

Quality and performance



Competitive pricing

Customer service

SWOT Analysis:


Uniqueness – The services that we offer are unique of its kind that would please the customers

Affordability – Our services can easily be availed by all classes.

Technology – We have the best technology in terms of innovating bicycles.

Research – We conduct thorough research about how can we improve our bicycles

Connections – We have global support from around the world that helps us with research and provides for the betterment of the company.

Skills – We have the most skilled workers and staff in the company.


Financial Stability – Because we were just kicking off our first breath of fresh air, financial problems would be a huge problem.

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Limited resources and materials – The source of raw materials is scarce.

Business Location – The Location of our store(s) is not strategic in a way that consumers won’t be able to notice it.


Changes in the Market – The changes in the market provide opportunities for the company to innovate and be better on our business.

Green Environment – The company encourages to build a pollution free and a healthy environment.

Positive perception of the Business – People would recognize how our business is actually helpful to them and the environment.

Timing – Our business is timely because of the impending global warming in which we could help to reduce the effects of the greenhouse gases.


Existing competitors – Existing competitors could produce lower sales than our expected

Shifts of consumer’s behaviour – Consumers might find new alternatives for them to try.

Availability of materials – The materials are only limited and

New products – The creation of new products could wreak havoc to our sales.

Action Plan:

In order to adapt to the weaknesses and provide better results, the company should address the problems involving the lack of materials by:

Having our research team to provide alternative methods for the acquisition of materials until we can hold our own in 3 years’ time.

Acquire already existing raw materials (used PET bottles, bamboo, wood, etc.) yearly.

Discover and produce new possible resources for production use in a span of 2 years.

Provide alternative sources to generate money to provide better funds for the company until our company can sustain for its own for 3 years.

Marketing Strategies:

Promotion: We will market and promote our business by using the following mediums:

Television – aired on local stations

Radio – aired on local stations

Newspaper advertisements – local papers and local school papers

Websites (business, facebook, etc.) – up and running everyday

Magazines or printed promotional materials – fliers, post cards, etc.

Sales: It will be the conversion of qualified leads through the emphasis of the products being customer designed for the specific customer, combining comfort, lightweight, and a wide safety margin. This will help differentiate Bikery’s products from the competition.

Distributors: It will emphasize a close relationship between the distributor and Bikery. This is very important because it is of great concern to a distributor for them to carry and feature a manufacturer who has delivery or warranty problems. Distributors are sensitive to the issue of availability of the product from the company. Bikery will work hard on convincing distributors that it will be able to meet all of the needs of the distributor, that production can be scaled quickly if necessary, and that Bikery is quick to fill orders, allowing the distributor not to have to keep a large inventory of the product out of fear of not being able to fulfill orders from a bicycle retailer.

Products and Services:

Our bicycle sales will be accomplished through the following primary and distinct channels of distribution:

Specialty bicycle retailers/shops

Full-line sporting goods/materials stores

Mass merchants/sellers or chain toy stores

Outdoor specialty goods stores

Mixture of retailers (inclusion of internet sales via website promotion and selling)

Market share

Bikery Company sells 20 million php worth of Bikes per year

In the market, it is worth 50 million php.


We want our company’s profit to be in the stock market or in the investment funds.(Stocks are units of ownership in a corporation while investment funds is the money that is sourced from different investors)

Productivity that seeks for:

Further improvement

To adopt to economic activities such as changes

To adapt to new methods and techniques.

To provide progress.


To Adapt appropriate principles of management

Reduce waste


Increase customer loyalty

Do-Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle

Production Plan:

Process Time(hrs) 91821022860A



















A Receiving 3 START

B Fork and Frame Assembly 4 A

C Spokes Alignment 3 B

D T/Tube 3 B

E Chemical Treatment 12 B

F Chemical Treatment 12 B

G Assembly 3 C,D,E,F

H Packaging 1 G

I Shipping 1 H



Manager Performances and development:

1. Top level Managers – responsible for the overall strategic vision for the organization and rank highest in the organizational hierarchy.


Further improvement of policies and procedures.

The quality of resource allocation.

Quality Standards


2. Mid-level managers – carry out the plans made by top-level managers in areas like planning and coordinating the work activities of lower-level managers. The decisions involved are production and quality.

Tactical Plans (action plans)

Short term goals


3. Lower-Level Managers – responsible for day to day supervision of workers and take their directives from mid-level managers.

Workers Performance & Attitude:

We want to conduct orientations, training and seminars for further improvement of their skills.

The leader should focus on the tasks and how they are performing.

Has an established knowledge about policies and procedures.

Organizational Chart

Physical and Financial Resources:

Financial Resources – Established Investments, stocks, donators, bonds

Physical Resources – Alloys, Metals, Woods, Bamboo, Machines, and synthetic materials.

Sources of funds:


Borrowed capital

Shareholder’s funds

Milestones and Marketing Mix:


Bikery will have the premier bicycle that would establish stores in all the key or major markets in the country and even in the international setting.

We will be offering value-added services that will provide customers with better experiences. It will create a good influx of customers.


Profit margin, the estimated period that the product will be inventory and the availability of the product to the target markets


All products distributed from Bikery warehouse to any retailers or shops in the country or abroad.


Bikery will use a multifaceted advertising campaign to generate visibility therefore promoting our company.

Customer Service:

Bikery’s business practices and customer training emphasize the importance of exceeding the customer’s expectations. If this is done, profits will be surely guaranteed.

Implementation and Control:

Bikery’s competitive edge is specializing in the closeout position. Presently, there are no wholesalers that are specializing to a large degree. Everyone carries a fairly wide range of products. It is a clear advantage to be focused and only concentrate a specific forte. By focusing on closeouts, retail shops can contact Bikery and always find products that offer nice margins, uncharacteristic of the bicycle industry.

The trend of the industry in general is of partnership. By offering value-added services such as closeout items which provide the retailer with better than average margins, Bikery is developing value that creates a steady influx of customers.

The sales strategy will be intertwined with the product offerings. It is of small value to have great closeouts if there is little demand. By having a well thought out product selection, Bikery will significantly increase the chances of turning a prospective customer into a sale. We will emphasize the popularity and quick turnover of the items that they stock and will shy away from items that may be a good deal but are a hard sell because they are likely to sit on the retailer’s shelf.

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