Big Bang Theory and the Scientific Belief

Ancient civilizations consider this geometric sign to be the most divine and purest. Why? Because they deeply believed that all forms in the universe originate from this geometric sign. And they truly do. Draw dots in the middle of each circle, where the lines of the circles cross each other. Then envision the thirteen circles as a 3D drawing, construct lines from one dot to the other, and you will notice that seventy-eight lines can be constructed. After drawing all the lines, you will notice that a geometric structure is generated.

It’s called Metatron’s Cube in the Jewish Kabbalistic tradition; Metatron is the holy archangel in control of all the worlds. According to the Holy Bible in Genesis 5:21–24, it states that the prophet Enoch was the great-great-grandson of Adam. After Enoch existed for 365 years and fathered Methuselah and other sons and daughters, God took him away. According to Jewish scripts, God converted Enoch into the holy Archangel Metatron. Wow, time passes very fast!

“To conclude, as you see, the Fibonacci sequence, the golden ratio, and infinite fractal geometry are attached to the Flower of Life because they come from the Fruit of Life, which is generated through the Flower of Life.

However, many consider the geometric six-petal flower as being the Seed of Life and the genesis pattern too. Not only can fascinating intelligence/knowledge about everything that lives in the universe be found/understood in it—the Flower of Life—but also, it seems holy, divine intelligence/knowledge can be found/understood as well.

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“I must tell you when I was informed of these three types of intelligence/knowledge, it ignited a great tussle inside my mathematical universe of physics. The big bang theory didn’t look to be the only logical description of how the universe was formed. Let’s get back to the Mona Lisa again. It’s a definite, balanced, attractive and unique piece of art. Our universe is a definite, balanced, attractive, unique piece of art too. Let’s assume that our fascinating universe is this painting. Let’s assume that everything that lives in the universe is all the colors in the Mona Lisa, and the canvas is the space that holds everything together.

According to science, the big bang theory is the scientific belief that the universe was made from a small singularity, without any external influence, all by itself, which spread so fast that it created all that exists in the universe. The big bang for this painting would be the appearance of the very first drop of color and continue with the appearance of a bunch of other colors. Without any external influence, the Mona Lisa was painted all on its own. Even if that’s possible, who selected the required colors to generate such a definite, balanced, attractive, unique piece of art? There has to be a painter/creator who designed and colored this fascinating painting. We’re all aware it was Leonardo da Vinci.

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