Biblical Discernment of Harry Potter Books

The article written by Reverend Raymond Kwong exposes the true form of J. K, Rowlings Harry Potter. I admire this guy for having the guts to speak out to the patrons of the said literary work. a pan of which was already made into a blockbuster movie. That is a hard thing to do. especially now that it has popular appeal to a Wide spectrum of people. I agree that Harry Potter promotes Witchcraft, occult and it may even be connected to satanic worship, but the reverend’s work is based on a constipated Viewpoint and it is, in fact, an overkill.

Why did I say that? Well, the reverend did make a biblical discernment on the literary work but he added quotations from several books (e.g., Satanic Bible, Masonic and Occult Symbols Illustrated, etc.) that cannot be said as the right authorities on this matter. These books were used by the reverend to condemn J. K, Rowlings work but these are based on mere mysticism and the personal viewpoints of their respective authors.

For my part. I believe that those self-confessed Satanists do not know what they’re doing, because the mere facts that the Devil presents himself as an angel of God and that he works treacherously like a Lion Waiting for its prey doesnt jive with his supposed worshippers that do nothing but expose themselves and obtain their 15 minutes of lame As Ive said, when it is the Devrls Work, the majority of the people Wlll not recognize it to be, hence they would be lured to it, like J.

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K. Rowlings book turned out to be. Ive also mentioned that the reverend’s work is an overkill, because of hIS, forgive the word, stupid interpretations of certain mythical figures and occult numbers. Do 11 and 9 sound evil to you? I mean, whats this fuzz about these fancy numbers? If one book says that these numbers are associated With the Devils work. would it be wise to conclude that, from now until eternity every literary work and any multimedia that uses these numbers very often are the works of the Evil One?

Is that sound or is it an exaggeration? Another thing is about the unicorn. In the book of Daniel, a one-horned powerful beast, not the unicorn. is used to represent Alexander the Great and his Empire. The horn broke into four after he died, which symbolizes the four Greek generals which eventually controlled particular pans of his vast dominion. The bible does not mention Alexander as a DeVIIs agent, rather it mentioned his generosity towards prowding religious freedom for the conquered people, and therewith including Gods chosen people, the nation of Judah, The unicorn is believed to be a mistaken reconstruction of the nan/vhal and it is based on the pure imaginative nature of man. Lastly, Rev Kwong mentioned the thing about the supposed symbol on the forehead.

I believe that the book of Revelation tells us about a figurative, not literal mark on the forehead that will be imprinted on the hearts of the people influenced by the Demonic Beast. The reverends discernment tells us to be on guard, always ready to resist the treachery and ingenious works of the Devil. We are created mortal beings, With imperfections, flaws and all the stuff that make us weak against temptations. Temptations made by a higher being Who knows our Weaknesses, and thus using it to make us even Weaker. But we also have our own share of strengths lying deep Within each of us, thus enabling us to triumph in the end. ReSIsting the works of the Evil One is an extremely hard thing to do but IS also, very much possible.

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