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The following sample essay on “Between two seas of Carmine Abate”: review on novel, characteristics of the main characters and literary devices.

Roccalba has everything that makes an Italian country town attractive. At the top of the ‘boot’, on the south is tapering strip of land in Calabria, it is perched on a hill. To the east in the distance, glittering Ionian to the west the Tyrrhenian Sea. If succumb to the summer land and people of the scorching heat, the winding streets provide shade.

The figs are ripe, the pomegranates burst on the gages are harvested, the cicadas buzz incessantly in the olive trees. Over all, the scent of bergamot is. The local cuisine can draw from a cornucopia best products of Mother Nature and of human hands: Vegetable of eggplant to zucchini, herbs, Provola- and ricotta cheese, olive oil, pasta, tender meat and fresh fish, wine and fruit …

But not everyone loved the dream destination. 2581 km platoon running the Heumann from Hamburg have to complete at the beginning of the summer holidays and up screw at the end than endless curves that son Florian, the narrator, is very bad.

After that much boredom followed him. Father Klaus, PR-department manager of a bank, endures the week by the humid sweltering heat opposes his professional smile and play along, as much as possible. Mother Rosanna, however, is even more euphoric, coming closer to their long lacked homeland: “Have you ever seen such a vast sky … At night, he is a single, endless sea of ​​stars?”.

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Up here live in the village “between two seas” Rosanna’s parents Giorgio and Patrizia Bellusci, her sister Elsa with family and many childhood friends. Giorgio’s butchers and farmers, also has a flock of sheep and a few cattle. The pride of the family is a bit outside Roccalba between oaks, high brambles and wild fig hidden. The ruins of the “Fondaco del Fico” are rarely seen in more that this was a very praised in Calabria inn once, whose history probably goes back to Cicero. In any case, travelers passing through made from North and South, East and West here like station, including many celebrities. In 1835, about Alexandre Dumas put here a rest along with dog Milord on his journey through Italy.

While he recorded his observations in a leather-bound book, portrayed his companion, the landscape painter Godefroy Jadin, up smartly host Gioacchino Bellusci and his wife – and even gave him the drawing. When the strangers had traveled further, Giorgios ancestor found under the sheet even the notebook, which the writer had forgotten. Earthquakes, floods, fires and the turmoil of the Italian unification destroyed the house, but the two objects survived three generational change. “How the relics of a saint” guards Giorgio the symbols of a glorious past in an inlaid ornate wooden box, and he loves the dilapidated Fondaco “like a family member”.

“What I knew of him?” The first set of Carmine Abate’s novel ” Tra due mari < ” Carmine Abate: “Tra due mari”

at “< p> From one day to the grandfather disappears. Mother explains Florian, he found better-paid work in northern Italy. But from there is no mail, no phone call; the already thin thread breaks relationship for a few years completely. In Florian breaks out “an angry indifference … and I told myself that he was interested null because he for me even less than zero interest”.

But what did Florian heard of him? At that time he was still much to understand too young to the three things that Giorgio Bellusci really move. One has to do with respect, tradition and continuity, the second with moral courage, the third with righteousness, and all three require that Giorgio will assume its responsibility.

Giorgio’s determined to to let in a new light “Fondaco del Fico”. As a modern hotel with restaurant and pool the heirloom to be an attraction, as his ancestors have led the way over decades back. Many laugh at the dream, some undermined him, but Giorgio stay tuned.

As soon as the construction project approved, find Giorgios herdsmen ten of his sheep and two sheepdogs with slit throats impaled on fence. The message is clear ( “You have our blessing, our protection.”), The sender clear ( “We know all about you … you are in good hands.”) May request the further development foreseeable (Beefy visitors “a small rate every last Sunday of the month. “). The strategy has a long tradition, the repertoire of the threat includes many horrors of deforested vines and olive trees over blasted shells up to physical verses pollutions.

Where Giorgio intimidated? At first it seems as if he einknicke. He reports no display and plays what happened in the village down. Silence – that’s the first rule of the game of the ‘Ndrangheta. Numbers would be the second, but not for Giorgio Bellusci. On the morning of payday he makes his decision. As the evening of the debt collector enters the store, he grabs him determined he rams with experienced precision and power of his craft a steel hook between the neck and chin and hang him on the white tile wall behind the counter.

The price for the daring act eight years of life in prison – and eight years of silence. Whether Rosanna ashamed for the act of their father or the punishment or fear the consequences, remains open; the truth does not bring her son over in any case on the lips. It was not until almost seventeen when Florian, the time comes to tell him where Giorgio spent the years and why. Rosanna asks Florian to fly just before Christmas with her to Calabria to grandfather after his release to prepare a very special celebration.

This is a longer stay. Undeterred takes his grandfather construction project back on – and binds Florian one, for he is to realize this dream with him and continue later. Finally Florian finds his family roots, his identity, his home and his love …

This beautiful novel could be misunderstood because of its sensuous descriptions of landscape and people smooth commissioned by the Tourism Association Calabria. In reality it is a fairly complex through-composed fabric of traveling in space and time, through the story of two very different families and a land. The story combines the self-discovery of the growing Florian with the homage to a stubborn fighter who knows what to do and he is willing to pay the price. Abate’s style is pleasantly unpretentious catchy and sensual, based on everyday, but never flat.

Everyone knows that the Mafia never forgets and must pay dearly for their enemy at the end of the bill. When Giorgio Bellusci these elusive threat is over, breaks “produced an unruly, steady twinkle, like a horse that targets the wild gallop” from his eyes. He still has some heavy punches to cope, but finds surprising support. Win, he may still not, but he goes unabated out of the ring. After many predominantly gay sides of the scent of bergamot finally blown and provide us with the melancholy of disillusionment.

Carmine Abate (1954 born in the province of Crotone, at> bales fiction and reality with him close to each other. the beautiful Roccalba is a fictional place, but the” has Fondaco del Fico “there really existed in the area. in fact, the hostel was well known and appreciated how many mentions in travel reports show. mother Rosanna is proud to have read them all, and was one of them she even wrote her thesis. Carmine Abate again excited about this novel by an essay that fell to him by chance into the hands of “Il Fondaco del Fico” Vito Teti (the course Rosanna knows …). He followed the paths of travelers “tra i due mari” Although no stone was more of the building , But rather the aura, and he has taken quite wonderful in his novel.

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