Between Childhood and Adulthood

Topics: Teenage Suicide

As a child you alway hear adults complain about “today’s youth”. How they are grumpy antisocial and impossible to get along with. I always told myself” when i grow up i’ll never give those adults a reason to complain about me”. To me it seems to me that tenagers were like this because they cared way to much on how they appeared to the outside world someones appearance was the most important thing to everyone with relationships with the opposite sex being a close second.

Now that i am a teenager i can say that although these are hard to deal with they aren’t the main reason being a teenager is so rough.

There are many changes that occur during the transfer from childhood to teenage years and nothing can prepare you for it. For me the most dramatic change that occured was I have started to see the world as a new place. A place where partying and getting drunk and doing drugs are common problems, peer pressure is a real thing instead of just something you are warned about by all of your teachers and your parents.

Friends you have known since forever begin to do things you don’t agree with, and eventually they turn into strangers. And the secret thoughts and fears told to you by your best friend are no longer about life, but about death. Suicide becomes a reality and not just something you hear about on the news, it is now what keeps you up at night when your friend doesn’t reply and you don’t know why.

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You worry about their health and about everything else in your life including school and what other people think of you. You put on a face to the world and you try to hide the fact that you cry yourself to sleep in the safety of your own room.

Happy, sad, angry, confused and scared. They used to be the extent of your emotions, with a few others occasionally appearing in special circumstances. Now you don’t even know how you feel. One minute you can be happy, relaxed, calm and cool, but then one short text message can leave you angry, jealous, scared, worried, and frozen. They don’t tell you when you turn thirteen that feelings can bounce and change in seconds. I think the best advice i can give to a younger sibling That things will be scary, confusing, and different…but that you will make it through. Make sure you surround yourself with people who you care about and who care about you and will be there in your time of need. That is the best advice i can give other than just live your life and don’t worry what others say about you, you know who you are and don’t let them tell you otherwise.

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