Being felt and effected of bulling happen to emotional

Being felt and effected of bulling happen to emotional and psychological hurtful and tough. For the bully, the situation arises when they are unsatisfied with their lives and desire attention and recognition. Bully can be named when suffered or permitted by the person who are in physical or mental weakness in common and especially in Child. However actual bullying would require them to confront the victim in person which can backfire as not all people are susceptible to cyberbullying. Thus, online platforms are prime hunting grounds for them where they can remain anonymous and gain the attention they crave by verbally and psychologically abusing others.

The arrival of mobile internet and social media in Myanmar has created jobs, boosted foreign investment and connected millions of people. It has opened up a formerly closed nation to a world of information, and introduced millions of young people to such worldly concepts as the selfie and the internet meme. But it has also brought with it a dark underbelly of cyber bullying and harassment – problems that the country remains unprepared to tackle.

In later 2014, the World Wide Web was out of reach for most people in Myanmar. SIM cards were given out through a lottery system in limited numbers and could cost thousands of dollars, and Myanma Posts and Telecommunications (MPT) ruled the roost as the only telecoms operator in the market.

Things changed in 2014 with the launch of two foreign telcos, Ooredoo and Telenor, which injected competition into the industry and – along with the incumbent – brought cheap connectivity to the masses.

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While this development has been hailed internationally as a positive step for the country, it has also created problems for nascent users, some of whom have experienced bulling online.

“The number of Myanmar netizens has grown exponentially, and it is inevitable that such growth will bring along with it opportunities for bullies, trolls and stalkers to engage in harassment and other forms of cyber bullying,” said Cheah Swee Gim, Yangon director of law firm Kelvin Chia.

In a 2015 report, the Myanmar Centre for Responsible Business (MCRB) said cyber bullying referred to “deliberate” bullying that occurs over electronic technology, and could encompass threats, insults or rumours.

And while the internet is still a novelty for many, some have already made it a platform for attacking others.

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