Before the Industrial Revolution took place in Britain Manchester

Before the Industrial Revolution took place in Britain Manchester, it was nothing more than a normal and ordinary market town. Soon, it became one of United Kingdom’s leading yet innovating cities and the importation of cotton from Liverpool and has transformed the textile industry. Manchester is involving new ideas when it is about transport. In the second half of the century manufacturing industry declined and was, to a certain extent, replaced by service industries such as education and finance. Tourism also became an important industry in Manchester in the late 20th century.

A Museum of Science and Industry was opened and sits in the heart of Manchester. During the Museum journey you will be able to see amazing objects and learn more about men and women whose ideas changed the world forever. It also brings daily demonstrations of the museum’s world class collection of textile and industrial machinery to life. There are interactive exhibits to explore throughout the whole museum journey and a regular programmed of changing exhibitions to enjoy.

Museum of Transport was opened. It allows you take a trip back in time with one of Britain’s biggest collections of restored buses, coaches and trams. Museum of Transport was opened. It allows you take a trip back in time with one of Britain’s biggest collections of restored buses, coaches and trams. People’s History Museum which opened and is a national museum of democracy that tells the story of its development in Britain which includes the past, present and future.

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A special site that every tourist must see is the Chinatown in Manchester, UK. It is the second largest tourist spot of England after London. It became important because after post-World War II, an increasing number of Chinese businesses started to begin in Central Manchester where it has its first Chinese restaurant, Ping Hong which opened on Mosley Street in 1949. Many tourists of different culture which varies from different countries were fascinated by the Chinese restaurants in Chinatown. Manchester has proven as an attractive destination and the city’s Chinatown which became known to cater for societies need. Not only that, there were more eateries opened in the 1950s and 1960s, which reflect the decline of Liverpool’s port at that time. By 1960, another sixteen restaurants were opened and it continued efficiently into the ’70s with the 600 capacity Willow Garden opening in 1962. Besides that, by the 1970s, more Chinese businesses began to emerge, such as medicine shops, Chinese supermarkets, as well as financial and legal services, they serve the employees with expanding number of Chinese restaurants in the district. Indeed, it does not have to take too much long time for Chinatown’s businessman to provide catering for their fellow citizen. With the establishment of a Hong Kong government office and branches of the Bank of China, as well as, Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank in the 1970, Manchester had become a recommended place of agreement for Chinese people in other parts of the UK. In terms of landmark, one of Chinatown’s landmarks built in 1954 was the Guardian telephone exchange. It is used for communications purposes in work, though it was constructed for an entirely different usage. The building lies on top of an underground bunker, which was constructed between 1949 and 1954. The building was paid by NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization). However, the media were prohibited from revealing the bunker’s existence until 1967 and it was built by Polish workers who do not know how to speak English.

In fact, the Chinatown began to be a popular tourist destination to people all over the countries. It is remarked that Chinatown is not only about Chinese food, there are plenty of Asian food options too. Consequently, it became a big deal to everyone due to different varieties of restaurant specialising in authentic dishes, moreish Cantonese cuisine, as well as Thai and Japanese outlets, such as, Yang Sing Restaurant, Hunan Restaurant, Teppanyaki Chinatown and more. Tourist from all over the country will definitely visit Chinatown and it is a site that every tourist must see when they travel to Manchester. The dish portions are tasty, natural food at affordable prices and is exactly what travellers hope to find in Chinatown. Holidaymakers will be able to experience elegant dining in Chinatown. Most of the restaurants’ cuisine are based on the province of China, where people can taste the spiciness. Furthermore, the signboard of “Chinatown” is painted in red and golden colors, while the arch is decorated with a dragon and a phoenix. This tradition indicates the symbols of luck towards people. This has lead the hustle and bustle of people venturing to the restaurants, bars and even karaoke bars in Chinatown especially during the evenings and the nights; it will certainly bring you into a new environment. Moreover, many Chinese people in other parts of the UK had did their agreement conveniently due to the establishment of the Hong Kong government office and branches of the Bank of China, and Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank in the 1970. The guardian telephone exchange became well-known as it has wide tunnels over 30m underneath Chinatown, the GUTE bunker was totally self-sufficient for drinking water. Although much of the equipment has been removed, the tunnels are still complete. Apart from that, the Chinatown is just a stone’s throw away from the Manchester Art Gallery. It is a walking distance for about 30 seconds. Hence, tourist who visits the Art Gallery will also definitely get attracted by the Chinatown. Therefore, Chinatown has become a successful and favourable tourist destination.

The ever-famous Midland Hotel, also known as The Midland, opened their doors for business on September in the year 1903. Into their first year, it was reported that the hotel had nearly 70,000 visitors and guests. They had renowned and respected guest like Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother in 1959, Winston Churchill in 1949, Charles Rolls, and Henry Royce would meet up and talk about their business together which eventually spur the growth of Rolls-Royce. Not only is The Midland packed with history, but also its location is wonderful. Located 500 meters away from Chinatown, which is also one of our must-see destinations, and a 13-minute walk from Piccadilly, where the memorial of Alan Turing is located, the location of The Midland is great and quite central. It is not a far walk from the Oxford Road station and there are many tram stops near The Midland, which makes travelling to places of slightly great distance a tad bit easier. Moreover, the hotel itself is designed with class, sophistication, and has great ambience. A step would stir a heart yearning to learn the hotel’s history. Furthermore, The Midland has a restaurant called The French, which was also one of the first restaurant to attain a Michelin star in the year of 1974 and it is still now open for people to come and astound their palates.

The must-try delicacies, when you find yourself in Manchester, is definitely the black pudding and the meat and potato pie. The black pudding is made of the blood of pig and other ingredients like oat and barley, the people born in Manchester would describe it as a porky perfection. During the industrial revolution in the 19th Century in Manchester, meat and potato pie was famous then, and has remained till now. After the main, of course comes the desserts. Even Mancunians themselves love the Eccles cake and Manchester tart, and hope that the whole world would learn to fall in love with in as well. These two pastries can easily be found in the streets of Manchester and has been around for more than 50 years. A bit of history on the food situation in Manchester during the period after the second world war. Food was rationed and a lot of it was imported, most were fruits, vegetables, sugar, cereals, cheese, and fats. The food that was rationed were butter, sugar, and bacon. Additionally, the food famous at that time were mostly bacon and hams, tea, and cheese. Of course, people farmed and hunt their own food. For instance, people growing their own vegetables and fruits like apples; people also hunt animals like pigeons or rabbits. However, the pigeons and rabbits that people could hunt for were not many a times available. Belle Vue Zoological Gardens was a huge and fascinating zoo, fantastic amusement park, large exhibition hall and speedway stadium in Belle Vue which located in Manchester, United Kingdom. It opened in June 1836. John Jennison, the founder of Belle Vue Zoological Gardens who initially intended to turn the gardens into an entertainment for the genteel middle classes, but they soon became one of the most popular attractions in Northern England. Based on the map given, we can found that there are 5 entrances in the Belle Vue Zoological Gardens Manchester which is the main entrance of the entire gardens, the main entrance, lake entrance and longsight entrance for the hotel, and the speedway motor park and exhibition entrance. The Belle Vue Zoological Gardens have large numbers of charming birds, and various animals that could not easily be found in other places such as silver fox, Australian dingo, Brahmin bull, armadillos and more. At the early stage, John Jennison offered circus, flower shows and a variety of refreshments. He decided to install the popular rides included the 60mph (97km/h) Bobs roller coaster and the Scenic Railway, and grand firework displays. John Henry Iles who was an English entrepreneur and cricketer took action by adding attractions such as dodgems (bumper cars), the Caterpillar, the Ghost Train (dark ride), Jack & Jill, and the Flying Sea Planes. it could still attract more than 140,000 of visitors on Easter Monday. Easter Monday is the day after Easter Sunday. In the later years, Belle Vue could attract more than two million visitors a year, up to 250,000 of whom visited over the Easter weekend. Hence, Belle Vue Zoological Gardens became a world-famous amusement park in 20th century. In the period of Second World War, they forced to cancelmany events because of the Second World War but the profit still increased steadily. First, we would like to persuade my tourist to visit Belle Vue Zoological Gardens as their next vacation spot because the garden are having multiples event to let the locals and tourist enjoy. During 1870s, the founder, John Jennison has set out a small amusement park to let people to enjoy with their family. It causes this park has advertised as the “showground of the world” on that century and its profit and gain rapidly. Not only that, the amusement facility such as Bobs Roller Coaster and Scenic Railway has become the famous rides that adults or children would like to experiences. They can enjoy the grands fireworks show and annual Christmas citrus. Besides that, there will also provide the entertainment such as dancing in the ballroom. Not only that, there will also have a musical band which is called as The Hall? Orchestra. The locals and tourists can have a dance in the middle of the ballroom which is free of charge. Therefore, we can ensure that if tourist come to Belle Vue Zoological Gardens and have a look on these rare animals, they will not kill these animals to satisfy their needs self-fishy. Furthermore, We would like to persuade my tourist to visit Chinatown as their next vacation spot. It is because Chinatown has become important place after the World-war II. Not only that, Chinatown was an attraction place due to it have wide choice of restaurants, bakeries, shops and so on. Therefore, the tourist can have a try on the food that they never tasted before such as Yan Sing – one of the restaurants that locals would like to recommend. The restaurant serves up delicious meals in the heart of Manchester’s China Town, especially the Dim Sum is a must to try, the way their cook can even compare to a Cantonese’s chef. Not only that, the annual Chinese New Year Festival, is also the one of the highlights in Manchester’s event. As everyone know, dancing dragons and lion dance is a famous and popular activities that will perform in Chinese New Year. Therefore, Chinatown will also have the activities during every year of February. I would like to suggest my tourist go to Chinatown at February as there will have a lot of event and performance to present in front on their eyes.

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