Becoming a Practitioner Scholar

Child and Adolescent Development

Psychology is the study of an individual s mind and behaviors by documenting, observing, testing, and then finding a specific conclusion and then lastly the treatment options for an individual. Educational psychology, Cognitive psychology, Forensic psychology, and Developmental psychology are a few examples of the specializations you can receive a degree (Cherry, Kendra. May 2017). Individuals that want to specialize in Children and Adolescent Development, individuals will learn about the growth and maturation of human individuals from conception to adulthood.

Children and adolescents have psychical and psychological needs that must be met for these individuals to grow and develop. The saying “it takes a village to raise a child” is true to the fullest. Any sort of disruption or fast change can have a disturbing effect on a child or adolescent.

The main reason that I want to go into the field of child and adolescent development is my children. I see the change in the environment in which I grew up and now and it has a disturbing effect on children.

I want to be an individual to makes sure children and adolescents receive optimal development. Make sure these individuals are strong, enough or confident enough to navigate the hurdles in the development of a life decision. This means looking into an individual’s family, school, culture, and free time to make sure he or she is on track. If there are any issues with anyone that they precis have the proper steps to receive help.

A Vision for the Future comes from Child and Adolescent Development

Children and adolescents must receive care early.

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Most mental and behavioral health issues occur in childhood and parents do not recognize them early until they have progressed into individual adolescence, then it is harder for a psychologist to help him or them.

The Skills and Abilities that Psychologists Require

The skills of a psychologist are important to treating his or her clients. There is interest in the research and treatment to further education based on the next research and treatment options. Individuals must be good at communication. Individuals should have not just oral but also written and learn how to communicate with different diversity and ethnic backgrounds. Ethics is another skill that a psychologist should understand because anything that is discussed in a session is confidential. Laws and regulations should be interpreted and fully understood in all state and federal laws. Open-mindedness is another personal skill a psychologist should be to tolerate all diverse people and situations everyone comesfunctions in with. Trustworthiness should be a skill to have, everyone that comes into practice should be able to be confined to the person that he or she is talking to. You must have a good outlook on the individuals that you treat so they will open up more, and you can treat the individual as they determine.

Developmental child psychologistsadolescents must understand and conduct research and study how children and adolescents affect their emotional and cognitive development. Individuals will have observed language, motor skills, cognitive functionsIts, social skills, and environmental factors.

The Practitioner-Scholar model and It’sIts Applications

This is an educational model that helps with using research and professional practices, who applies finding to a practice. The professional fields such as education, medicine, clinical psychology, social work, management, engineering, architecture, and law, and are some professionals that use the model. (Nash, J.M., & Larkin, K.T. (2012). The concept of the themesfunctions the functions of the themesthethemes functions practitioner-scholar model is introduced in the master’s degree program, it is to help individuals develop certaiplansFormationan of action to maintain and resolve an issue and to find a theory and apply it to the result. The model should teach learners and practitioners to execute assessments, and Formationexperiments, and to make sure they are trustworthy. In formation are always being updated as new information is being presented. This is

This is part of my daily life. It helps with my decisions on containing my education and shows shown personal life. It has showed me that individuals especially children and adolescents up-to-date expertexpert date information and research for them to become an expertise in society. expert  expert

The Importance of Research infor Psychology

Research from diverse fields, including biological, and social sciences should be developed into new practices for studying adolescent development. We must investigate child and adolescent’s genetics, biological, familial, or environment, social., and lastly behavioral factors. Adolescents areare conducted through several disciplines endocrinology, psychology, sociology, psychiatry, genetics, anthropology, neuroscience, and economics.


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