Beauty Through The Eyes

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The beauty of every creature is true for there is no charm in life without beauty. However, the core message of Alice to the readers is that inner beauty is more important than outer beauty. The fact seems to be true how society is never satisfied by the inner beauty of a human being but rather their outer beauty. This is because self-journey is a road to self-transformation where if the beauty is not realized, the ability to see positivity in life goes away.

This title does not only reflect the main story as a whole but also the idea that human beings always see an inner beauty within themselves that is so satisfied with the present. If this inner voice is rejected and the outer beauty is not recognized. The beauty when the other dancer is the self also enables me to realize that what happened to Alice was a true picture of a person imprisoned with her thoughts when the world makes it difficult to survive.

Unless or until a person does not understand the inner beauty, the outer appearance is merely a deception of ownself.

On the other hand, I also believe that beauty lies in the eye beholder is also true. This is immensely important to know that there is no limit to beauty and similar cases with people’s vision. In the case of Walker, the beauty that lies in the eye beholder is also true. Unless Alice Walker had not realized that the beauty in all creatures fundamentally exists, she does not seem to have believed that the beauty lies in the eye beholder.

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This is a fact that there are times in our lives when we are bizarre however, this turns out to be a chance to realize that our beauty is the strongest weapon we possess. Walker has made this clear to people that “their beauty is within oneself that is depicted through the eyes of a person” (Goldthwaite, 170). Someone who does not accept this fact is not using inner beauty to visualize through the charming lens of the eyes. However, my point is that in Walker’s case, this is true as unless the beauty is not identified in the inner self, this does not reflect through the eyes of the beholder. Therefore, the eyes are true to only those facts that it wants to see. Thus, associating that beauty lies with the eyes beholder is not wrong in the case of Walker. Another point aligned with it is the fact that many people across the world feel that inner beauty and the beauty in the eye beholder are two different things. However, my perspective is clear about it after Walker eventually realizes that this is the only thing in life that is unable to be seen unless discovered within oneself. Beauty is never a lie but rather a truth that lies within us. If we do not accept the beauty, the lies of the world would snatch our ability to see it through our eyes. Hence, in Walker’s case, the beauty for sure lies in the eye beholder.

Keeping the above reflection in view, this reading for sure allows me to learn two correlated things in life. This is the inner beauty and the beauty in the eyes beholder. I am now ready to see my inner beauty and get rid of the toxic arguments people throw at me. Color, race, ethnicity, and other similar factors have nothing to do with my inner beauty. The beauty in the eye beholder is the second lesson I learned that unless I am ready to see the beauty within me, I am not going to see the beauty in others. Thus, these lessons are to used everywhere I go in life. For this purpose, my main ambition is to make sure that people around me, my friends, family members, and all other social groups that I live within, must see how much I regard the beauty of myself and others. I am quite optimistic that doing so would relieve some of the burdens that society currently possesses due to the inability to see, positivity, beauty, and love around.

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