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Today’s society is ruled by social media. There is an unrealistic standard of what it means to be beautiful. The press publicized celebrities such as the Kardashians and make men and women of all ages believe that looking like that family is ‘goals’.

Standards placed on young females and young males has been taken to a whole new level, but there is an uprising in the world about shaming people based on their looks. Instead of insulting men and women, we as a society are praising people for being different.

Body language can explain a lot about a person, especially in people who are expressive. People who are expressive have a certain presence when they walk in the room because of their body language.

Let’s be honest, when a person walks in the room with confidence everyone sneaks a glimpse. Imagine being able to walk in a crowded room and not being afraid of what people thought. If a model were to were to walk down the runaway with their shoulders slouching and their eyes wandering the room, no one would want to buy that outfit the person was wearing.

The book Hijacking the Runway: How Celebrities are Stealing the Spotlight from Fashion Designers is an eye opener for the personality traits in the fashion world. Celebrities, such as Jennifer Lopez and Jessica Simpson are not going to be a living billboard just for anyone. These powerful women are icons to the world whom leaves people on the edge of their seats every time they enter the room.

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Jennifer Lopez has mastered the walk of confidence and bold outfits gives the view a taste of what it means to be expressive.

Posing confidently for pictures is not the only way expressive behaviors may be exhibited. An easy way to assess someone’s personality is to sit back and observe their body language. Expressive beings are often extremely demonstrative, and this becomes apparent in their gestures and mannerisms. Expressive people tend to have one hip-pooped, shoulders back, and their hand gestures are going to be all over the place. In other words, their Italian roots are coming out when they speak. An insightful article about human computer interactions was a glimpse into the future. Soon computers will be able to help the user communicate through hand gestures. This sounds like a brilliant idea until factoring in erratic hand movements. Imagine a computer trying to collect data off of an expressive person. The person could be having an calm collective conversation, but their hands are flying around like an old woman winning bingo. Due to their hand motions, anyone watching will think the person just won the lottery. The point of the human computer interaction is to analyze a person in movement to ease the use of HCL, but the analyst programming the computers has a rude awakening when it coming across an expressive person.

One thing has been established about expressive people are their confidence. When an expressive person walks into the room people tend to stare. These individuals thrive on the attention and the ‘Oooo’ and ‘Ahhh’. Although, expressive people are confident, they were not born that way. It would be a lie to say someone has never looked in the mirror and was not disappointed with what he or she saw looking back. It is human nature to look at the flaws on our bodies, but sometimes people are ashamed of what makes them unique. In 2013, a a study was conducted with 298 female college students. The results were shocking, the article Evaluative concerns and Personal Standards perfectionism as predictors of body dissatisfaction in Asian and European American female college student. The study showed among high- ECP the college student backgrounds of European Americans, compared Asian Americans, reported the highest level of body dissatisfaction. It is sad so many people in this body are dissatisfied by their appearance. Being expressive does not have a certain body shape. These people are proud of whom they are and have learned how to accept who they are; that is why expressive people can make a crowd go silence when walking in a room.

Confidence is not made overnight. It takes time to fully accept our flaws and learn to live with it. People tend to get stuck on the flaws and forget to live life to its fullest. Expressive people nine out of ten times have a smile on their face. Smiles are contagious and can brighten someone’s face. The article Feeling happy and (over)confident: the role of Positive affect in metacognitive processes proves that being confident makes people happier. The author of the main point of the article gave readers a new perspective: the happier a person is the more confidence they have. This study proves expressives are confident because they are happy in their lives.

In some aspect everyone should inspire to be more expressive. Everyone has their quartz, expressive people’s imperfections are their wild hand gestures and they tend to talk about themselves more than they should. Being perfect is overrated, so let our imperfections shine. While expressive are shining on, they walk with confident and smile broadcasted. Take a lesson from the movie “I Feel Pretty” and realize how special you are because what is there more to ask for than happiness?

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