Barry R Chiswick is an American economist

The following sample essay on Barry R. Chiswick is an American economist, the head of the economics department at the University of Illinois in Chicago. He has his Ph.D in economics from the University of Columbia and currently he is the professor of economics at the Columbian College of Arts and Sciences which is the liberal arts and science of George Washington University. Chiswick wrote an essay called “The Worker Next Door” and he talks about immigration and foreigners coming to America.

Most of them are in the bigger states like Texas, Florida, California, Illinois, New York, and New Jersey. Chiswick specifically addresses low-skilled foreign workers and how it’s better to have less number of low-skilled immigrants in America because it would bring back more benefits to the American people and society. In paragragh five of the essay it says that, “Over the past two decades the number of low-skilled workers in the United States has increased because of immigration, both legal and illegal.


Barry stated in his essay many problems that foreigners cause to the American society. One problem that he says in his essay “The Worker Next Door” is that employers facing higher labor costs for low-skilled workers would raise their prices, and to some extent they would change the way they operate their businesses. A term similar to low-skilled worker is unskilled labor. According to an unskilled labor is an employee who does not use reasoning or intellectual abilities in their line of work.

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Those type of workers are found in positions that involve manual labor. Some examples of unskilled labor is parking lot attendant, cleaner or janitor, fast food worker, line operator, messenger, sewing machine operator, or a farm worker. In the essay Barry informs us and say, “Other Americans nominally graduated from high school but did not learn a trade or acquire the literacy, numeracy or decision making skills needed for high earnings. Still others suffer from a physical or emotional ailment that limit their labor productivity. And some low-skilled jobs are performed by high school or college students, housewives, or the retired who wish to work part time.” What he’s trying to say is that there’s people in America who’s less fortunate than others and would’ve taken these those type of jobs but they can’t because there taken up by immigrants.

There is logical fallacy in this essay and it’s found in paragragh 3 when Barry says, “Yet even in areas with few immigrants, grass is cut, groceries are bagged, and hotel sheets are changed. Indeed, a large majority of low-skilled workers are native to the United States.” According to, this is a quick assumption, generalization because California has majority low-skilled workers for the low- skilled jobs would be picked up by some teenagers or retired people. I feel like we don’t need exactly need foreign low skilled workers in America because there’s American people who can take the unskilled labor work but at the same time it’s good that we have them. I’ll use Mexicans as an example. Some Mexican people come to America to try to have a better life and better way of living and one popular job that they do is cutting grass. I have never seen an American cutting grass for a living it’s always a Mexican you see cutting grass. That’s a good thing that we get our grass cut because we need that so we can have where ever we live looking nice and also have our community looking nice too. I’m not saying we don’t have any Americans that cut grass also but it’s mostly Mexicans who are cutting grass. Now imagine if there wasn’t any Mexicans who cut grass in America I believe our grass would not be cut as often that we need it to be cut because most of the people that cut grass are Mexicans.

Barry Chiswick point is that we don’t exactly need immigrants he believes it’s a long term benefit to the American society, pretty much saying were better off without them. He states that Americans can still live there life perfectly find without low- skilled foreign workers. In the essay he uses examples like homeowners can reduce the about of times they get there grass cut, we can import goods from other countries instead of importing people, or even reduce the amount of time motels and hotels change towels and sheets. America is the most diverse as far as ethnicity and culture because there’s so many different kind of people living here. As for other countries there usually mostly only there kind of people living in that country for example, in St. Croix there’s mostly only Caribbean people and Crucian people living and working there. Same for if you was to go to Nigeria, you would mostly see Nigerians working and living there, but in America there’s different kinds of people from different backgrounds and cultures that come from all around the world to live in America. That’s why America is known for being the “melting pot” but sometimes with all this low-skilled immigrant workers taking all our jobs were melting literally.

Barry states a lot of disadvantages that I can see where he’s coming from, he has a point. He says that foreigners cause income inequality for low- skilled Americans in this country. I feel like the Americans workers should come first. If you’re not from America and you’re trying to get a low-skilled jobs in America and there’s Americans who are low-skilled and want to get those jobs too, the job should go to the American first because this is their country. That’s why we are having so much immigration problems because things are not being done properly are fairly to the Americans living in there’s own home. If they are less immigrants then Americans have better job opportunities. So with all that being said its great having low-skilled immigrants come to American to work but when there taking up the jobs and not allowing us Americans to have a job that’s when it becomes an issue because at the end of the day this is our country.

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Barry R Chiswick is an American economist
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