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Barilla Pasta and Zappos Table Paper

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Sahar Nashoor

Competing Values Framework Worksheet for Barilla Pasta

and Zappos

Please use this chart to analyze a podcast and video found via Blackboard and the links below :

Barilla Pasta

“Smith, R. (2012). Planet Money Episode 400: What Two Pasta Factories Tell Us About The Italian Economy. Zappos

In the chart below, fill in evidence about Barilla Pasta’s plant in Northern Italy and its plant in Southern Italy, both before the manager’s changes and after the changes. For the last three rows, use the evidence you have written below, along with the Competing Values Framework (found in the readings folder), to determine the culture in all places and times.

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Category or Metric Zappos Barilla North Barilla South (beginning/before) Barilla South (end/after)

Absenteeism rates

It is low because of the work environment 5% 10% It is 4% down for the last couple of years

Physical location, plant, office, etc.

It is orientated place

Self-expression it is the largest pasta restaurant at the whole world, it could take more than 100 soccer fields, it is beautiful town. It is different than the north because the south of Italy it is beach after beach, and it is no like the north. It is different than the north because the south of Italy it is beach after beach, and it is no like the north.

Employee attitudes

They are enjoying each other company Good Careless. They don’t have respect for authorities. They call sick any time they want and wouldn’t come to work for soccer games. They are afraid of their new manager actions.

Employee actions

Building a team and family spirit. They have show up because they know the restaurant is depending on them. Have doctor note to be excused from working. They decided to agree with one another not to miss work anymore.

Manager attitudes

Make sure everyone is happy; meaning of everyone it is the employees and customers. Good So hateful that everyone has an excuse to call out and not come to work and managers can’t do anything about it. Determined of getting the absentee rate down.

Manager actions

Make sure everyone is happy; meaning of everyone it is the employees and customers. The manager job is to make sure everyone is doing their job correctly. Threatened to shut down the entire pasta plan. The manager sit down with each employee personally.

Does the organization seem to value stability or flexibility more? Stability Flexibility Flexibility Flexibility

Does the organization seem to focus more on inside the company or outside? Outside Inside Inside Inside

Using the Competing Values Framework , which type of organizational culture is this? Clan Hierarch Hierarch Hierarchy

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