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Banking Frauds Research Paper Topics & Free Essay Examples

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Economic Crime

Advancing technology has created more opportunities for fraud. Computer use leaves everyone vulnerable to fraud, Including telemarketing fraud, Identity theft, and health care scams. What Is Economic Crime? Economic Crimes can be defined as the intentional use of deceit to deprive another of money, property or a legal right. Economic crimes fall broadly into the…


Accounting Institutions (5) 1. SEC 2. FASB 3. AICPA 4. PCAOB 5. IASB What constitutes professional literature? – Standards issued by the FASB and IASB – FASB codification research system – Disclosures from any accounting institution – related academic literature SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) – Established by the federal government – Oversees accounting and…

Basel Accord

Basel Accords Basel II and beyond: Current status across the world. Table of Contents Introduction2 Need for the study2 The Need for Regulation2 Goals and Tools for Bank Regulation and Supervision3 The Basel I Accord4 Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS)4 1988 Basel Accord5 1996 Amendment to include Market Risk6 Salient Features6 Evolution of Basel…

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IntroductionIn this report we are going to discuss importance

Introduction In this report we are going to discuss importance of ethics in financial management and financial organizations. For that it is necessary to know what ethics deals with. Ethics is a branch of philosophical study that focuses on studying and creating rules and principles that we need in our day to day acts and…


1. INTRODUCTION The researchers will be discussing about the white collar crime and commercial crime. Internal theft and fraud in our country has become endemic, this attributes to a number of factors like an increase in financial pressure and also culture crimes in the companies. Under white collar crime we will discuss about the types…

The EC sales in countries like China and India in the Asia

The EC sales in countries like China and India, in the Asia- Pacific region has made growth faster in the region. SL is also experiencing the growth demand for reliable EC websites as the internet penetration in SL is growing steadily. This forecast the fact that SL along with the other Asian countries is gradually…

Insurance is an immaterial product which is valued subjectively by

Insurance is an immaterial product, which is valued subjectively by its recipients. Buying insurance is buying a “feeling”. Because it involves the subject and insurance products, which differ from one person to another. On top of personal need, there are other differences between people that follow professions, the difference between countries (Hofstede, 1995). However, an…

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