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Bakery Structure, Organization and Design Essay

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The following academic paper highlights the up-to-date issues and questions of Bakery Structure. This sample provides just some ideas on how this topic can be analyzed and discussed.

Bakery organisation is one of the most successful bakeries cross the nations. It has experienced considerably growth from the local market transit to internationally. Additionally, the unreliable external environment, technology implementation, strategy flexibility and also the company size expansion are the four crucial elements that definitely influence the company’s structure formulation. ABC Bakery company mission statement: Value your every life is value ours.It has built on our commitment to provide the possible highest quality of baked goods to the customer, and continuously inspire a culture of trust and satisfaction in the workplace. People is the key of our company both our customers and employees. On the one hand, our first responsibility is to value customers. The company cater to our customer in a quite professional manner by proving a high quality goods and service with a competitive price, simultaneously obtaining and holding their respect and loyalty so that achieving sufficient profits for its future growth.On the other hand, we are gaining a deep responsibility to our employees. Our company is continuously seeking to hire the best possible employees and provide opportunity to develop their potentials. In the meanwhile, we are committed to maintain a safe work environment for all those employed. The following specific tasks will further explain how the company attempt to complete the accomplished mission. Firstly of all, a comprehensive research is the primary step for the ABC Bakery Company. The external environment plays a vital role at the first stage.For example, populations of the particular area, people’s preferences of bread taste and the competitor around those areas. The business should be adaptive and innovative among the intense competitors. In addition, production design and custom service is another important task. Environmental friendly structure design which concentrate on investigating ways to reduce plastic content and trial more sustainable materials within our bakeries. The following ABC Bakery company chart 1 will illustrate a specific task for each department which is responsible for a certain outcome.At the first stage, there are 5 department of the company. The Accounting department is responsible for the total quality of outputs and inputs and providing the accurate number of gains and loss. The marketing manager is in charge to make sure the company’s advertising and the recent tend of the bakery field. Besides this, HR is taken charge to attract the most talents to work for the company. Additionally, the responsibility of sales and operation department is to providing the possible highest quality services and goods to meet the customers’ needs. After three years operation, our company has been quite successful.As a result, I would like to open up the second bakery shop where is located just a few miles away from the current one. Because of the location advantage, the company is utilising the cost-effective strategy and acquire the economic of scale to reduce the possible cost. It is a quite vertical structure design for efficiency and centralised authority. For instance, the second location is responsible for providing the final goods for customers. The first location is in charge for all the producing process and also responsible for sales. The two companies sharing the equipments to manufacturing the goods that is definitely bring efficiency.However, it still has problems. The company structure design for efficiency is operating well, but this would prevent the company from innovation. It is widely accepted that the external environment is change rapidly and competition of bakery industry is quite strong (Stahi & Grigsby, 2007). The customer is seems like to seek more various favours of the bakery products. The performance of the second location is going down after opening for a period of time. The goods quality is still maintain quite well but the company can not meets the changing needs of customers.Moreover, the second locations employees have rarely communication with the other staff of the first shop. When the company undergone a poor performance, the employees form different locations start to complain with each other. As a result, the employees’ performance declines as well. For the sake of satisfy both the customers and employees needs, the company decided to purchase brand new equipment for the second location and change the vertical organisation structure to a more flexible one and more concentrate on learning. Additionally, the employees are at a change routine process.All the staff requite work to different locations depended on the working shift. It would assist employees get along well with each other from different locations. The business has grown to five locations in two cities in five more years. Different locations have influenced the structure formalisation and the external environment uncertainty would be another changeling for the company. In order to maintain a good control and coordination with the different branch, the company applied a quite flexible management coordination structure but a relatively centralised operational decision making structure.However, the different location across two cities may have quite dissimilar taste of customers. The five branches should preserve a high quality of the goods and service to the customers and in the mean while offering more various or new products due to the local preference. On the other hand, each branch should have its own supply channel to achieve efficiency. Based on the Woodward Classification of System Production theory, the company would apply the small batch and unit policy which focus on customised products (Daft, 2009).Moreover, it applies a flexible manufacturing technology which aligned the structure with technologies. The advanced production equipment might be used to improve the efficiency. The business has expanded into five states with seventy-five locations 20 years later. The extent market brings profits but also changelings. Obviously, the totally different culture of the 5 states requires the business must obtain a quite flexible structure to be adapted with the local culture. The different language, people preferences are the main problems for the business. The bigger size equals more complexity.The organisation must do a quite lot of research of the local culture and the competitors around the new environment. On the other hand, maintaining an accurate and frequent feedback of each state performance is another challenge. Due to the long distance of the business location, the communication of each location seems like quite difficult. However, in order to keep in touch with the each business, the company sets up roles that every month each location’s supervisor should provide a detailed report about the company performance to the head office supervisor. In this way, every location is maintaining a touch with the performance.On the other hand, the head office might send people to supervise different locations performance and recall them back to give a report about the sales performance of each location. The customer satisfaction is about everything. The mission of the bakery company is to provide the possible highest quality to satisfy customer’s needs. In order to obtain a quite rapidly feedback from customers, every location should open up a formal customer service department which aims to concentrate on customers’ satisfactions or any positive suggestions and negative feedback for the company further development.In addition, the ABC Bakery implemented a 360 degree feedback information flow among each company. The strategy is focused on a quite flat and open system and every one in the company is equal and should contribute their efforts to improve the company performance. Culture is representing a company’s soul. Although the business is expanded to 5 states but the head office of the ABC bakery culture must remain the same. Each state president must deliver the main office culture value so that solidify the whole organisation’s spirit. Due to the culture different in each state, various products may cater to different locations.But one thing is not change is the company’s culture. Providing the possible highest quality to the customers and in the meanwhile satisfy our employees in the most content. Social responsibility is other significant element to maintain the organisation has a healthy development (Hanson, 2008). Environmental friendly strategy must keep in mind of the company. Our bakery company are striving to establish the most effective way to recycle. Take for an example, our company working with local suppliers, local government and local councils.Moreover, our company are investigating measures to reduce content and trail more sustainable materials within our bakeries. On the other hand, our company constantly ensure to reduce excess packing and refine our packaging to be more environmental friendly. To sum up, there is no denying that ABC Bakery is operating quite successfully during these periods. Our mission is to value and satisfy the external customers and internal employees. As the company experienced an expansion to the markets, it has undergone certain challenging and issues. Opportunity is coupled with risks.Additionally, the company alter its structure due to the external environment change and implement the different strategy as a result of its structure change. Efficiency or effectiveness is the primary concern and simultaneously maintain a flexible coordination strategy is another essential element for success between the various business locations. On the other hand, a deep culture understanding plays a crucial role though out the whole organisation management. The strategy implementation should be aim at environmental friendly which would assist the company obtain a sustainable development.

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