Bahais Is an Abrahamic Monotheistic Religion

The following sample essay on “Bahais is an Abrahamic monotheistic religion” describes the basic norms and postulates of this teaching. The paper says that the Bahá’í religion addresses such important topics as the unity of God and religion, the unity of humanity and the rejection of prejudice, nobility.

It is started in 1844 by Bahaullah from Iran. It is the youngest religion in the world. Just like other Abrahamic religion Bahais also believe that god send his chosen one to the earth to save the humanity and Bahaullah is one of them.

There are about 10 million Bahais worldwide.

Bahis has been in Canada since 1989. These days bahai has presence all over Canada. There are many bahis centres in and around Toronto. I had an opportunity to visit Bahais center locate at 288 Bloor Street West,Toronto on 27 November 2018 and learned about Bahais religion , its faith and practices. I did not had any knowledge about Bahai before I went to the centre.

The first thing I came to know was Bahia centre is not a worship place.

As there is no religious ceremony performed in Bahai, there are no religious priest there. At the centre we were given a tour by a member of the centre. He told us that every Bahai centre has a working committee.

Its local leader is choosen by the members of local Bahai community every year. Members of the centre meets regularly to discuss to issues that the centre or the community want to get involved. Those issues could be anything either the operation (functioning) of the centre, issues regarding humanity or religious issues.

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Every five years Bhaai member all over the world meet at Isreal where they choose their religious leader and also finalized issues like where they going to open new centre or schools all over the world.

Bahai believes in science and civilization. It teaches about equality of sexes, importance of individual and community and, highlight the importance of education in anyones life. One could not become Bahai by flowing any religious practice. But by following Bahullah and his teaching. Bahai teaching is about how any individual search for spiritual wisdom and guidance and involved itself exploring such experience. Once someone build a trust towards Bahulla teaching, they could just go to any Bhai center and register themselves and become a Bahai`s. To practise their believe Bahai follow a book The book of law  written by Bahullah which address issues related to personal, society, law of behave, treatment towards other people, and law about education.

In Bahai family its not necessary that children born on family automatically become Bahais. Any child has a choice whether to become a Bahai or not. They have right to decide that by themselves when they are fifteen years old. One of the very important practise for Bahai is praying. It is obligated to every Bahai that he/she pray every day. Bahai can choose from one of the three types of prayer categorised as, short, medium and long pray for their everyday praying. There are only certain times in a day that any of these prayers should be performed. Short prayer should be performed twice in a day; once in morning and once in evening. Medium prayer should be performed three times a day in morning, afternoon and evening. Long prayer could be done anytime once every day. The praying could be done anywhere.

Bahais believe in consent between man and women and also in between their parents when they marry. It is not restricted that both the partner need to be Bahai. They only support marriage between man and woman. It is believes that when married man and women are not only physically bond but also spiritually.

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