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Bacteria Research Paper Topics & Free Essay Examples

Ip Antibacterial Screening of Banana Shoot Extract

This study aimed the potential of banana shoot extract for the production of an antibacterial soap. The innovation in this study is the utilization of bio-product to use as an antibacterial soap at a very minimal cost. The researchers also aimed that the antibacterial soap could also be a moisturizer. They were still working on…

Nowadays, With The Increasing Demand Of Chicken Products Of Both Meat And Eggs, Poultry Producers Tend To Seek Innovative And Advance Ways To Improve The Quality Of Their Chicken And Chicken Products. Enhancing Genetic Materials, Manipulating Their Nutrition And Husbandry Are Some Scientifically-based Programs They’ve Performed To Increase The Production Of Chicken And Their Products With Lesser Consumption Of Feed Given Citation Pou18 L 1033 (Poultry Production, N.d.). Other Than The Increasing Demand, Increasing Antibiotic Resistance And Antibiotic Residues Among Animals Is Now Alarming. Antibiotics Are Widely Used And At The Same Time Improperly Administered. They Are Commonly Used To Treat Bacterial Infections And Also They Are Added To The Feeds Of The Animals To Improve The Animals’ Health Status And Production Performance Citation Gob11 L 1033 M Lil18(Gobiraju, Torshizi, Zadeh, Omidbaigi, & Rokni, 2011; Lillehoj, Et Al., 2018)

INTRODUCTION Significant of the study Nowadays, with the increasing demand of chicken products of both meat and eggs, poultry producers tend to seek innovative and advance ways to improve the quality of their chicken and chicken products. Enhancing genetic materials, manipulating their nutrition and husbandry are some scientifically-based programs they’ve performed to increase the production…

My lab partner and I had the Unknown bacteria number seven we

My lab partner and I had the Unknown bacteria number seven, we have come to the conclusion that this is Pseudomonas aeruginosa. When we conducted out morphology testing, we found a small pink colored rod, which entailed that it was gram negative. We found our specific strain to be non-motile even though it is a…

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Unknown Bacteria Lab Report

The two streak plates made from the mixture of unknown bacteria showed two different colony morphologies. Colonies of Bacteria A were translucent in color, circular in form, with entire margins and a smooth surface. Colonies of Bacteria B were cream colored, irregular in form, with undulate margins and an ambulate surface. Two different morphologies allowed…

Bacterial Growth Curve Lab Report

Microbiology (Lab Report) Closed system growth curve Closed System Growth Curve Lab Report PURPOSE Bacteria grown in a closed system show a specific growth pattern called the growth curve which consists of four phases. The lag phase, which is a period of slow growth; exponential phase, period Of maximum growth; stationary phase, where nutrients become…

Unknown Bacteria Lab Report Gram Negative

The folllowing sample essay on Unknown Bacteria Lab Report Gram Negative discusses it in detail, offering basic facts and pros and cons associated with it. To read the essay’s introduction, body and conclusion, scroll down. E. Coli is most commonly found in the intestines of warm blooded organisms. Most E. Coli strands are non pathogenic…

Bacterial Conjugation Lab Report

This sample paper on Bacterial Conjugation Lab Report offers a framework of relevant facts based on the recent research in the field. Read the introductory part, body and conclusion of the paper below. Using alkaline lysine nipper, a DNA lassie was isolated from the donor and transcontinental strains and FIG electrophoresis was used to determine…

GENERALPeptidyl transhydrolase is an enzyme EC 31129 which

GENERAL Peptidyl trans-hydrolase is an enzyme (E.C which hydrolysis the ester bond in the middle of peptide and nucleotide of peptidyl-tRNA produced throughout the abortive translation, which happens about 10% of the time (Kurland and Ehvenberg, 1985; Bonin, et al., 2002). Peptidyl-tRNA also transpire because of expression of ORFs (Cruz-Vera, et al., 2003; Hernandez-Sanchez,…

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