Background of studyLighting is an important element in modern

Background of study

Lighting is an important element in modern life with excessive impact on basic human needs, visual comfort to grant a sense of wellbeing, visual performance to allow the carrying out of visual tasks, even in challenging circumstances (Altomonte, 2008). There is evidence that lecture venue lighting might be fundamental for students learning. Lecturers and students have clear preferences about lighting (Schneider, 2003).according to Ashrafian and Moazzen (2019), Appropriate illumination is crucial to the quality of an indoor environment. Particularly in university institutions, it is critical to provide a well-lit environment that enables students and staff to carry out their tasks effectively and adequately in desirable and stimulating surroundings.

Illumination can be defined as the use of light to attain the desired effect. Students spend a lot of time at school performing tasks that rely on varying visual demands, as a result visual comfort is important. (Cuttle, 2010)

A suitable indoor environment gives educational buildings a sense of space and elegance, generates an impact of vitality and a standard feeling of satisfaction (Korsavi et al.

2016).An appropriate educational environment certainly contributes to the health and wellbeing of instructors and students (Daisey et al. 2003) lighting, which is important to many human plays a critical role in students learning performances.( Bak?-Bir? et al.2012) Visual comfort in schools enhances not only health and wellbeing, however also learning performance.

Lecture rooms are places where students would spend most of their time. Design of the university should enhance learning with the aid of offering better lighting as well as create saving in reduced energy consumption (Abdullah et.

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al, 1998). Good lighting promotes better learning. Today’s institutions must grant a stimulating environment where students will learn better. High quality learning improves students’ performance, behaviour and concentration. Lighting quality means visual comfort, desirable colour, uniformity and balanced brightness. This can be achieved with light coloured materials, glare control, distribution of light to ceilings and walls and flexible lighting controls.

An occupational hygienist conducted an assessment at central university of technology, faculty of health and environmental science with the aim to assess the illumination levels measured in three different lecture venues and its effect on learning performance. The focus on many studies around illumination have been conducted more focused on energy consumption rather than visual comfort and its impacts on learning performance as illumination is important to student’s performances, this study intends to create alert to students at the university on the impact of visual comfort on their learning performance.

Problem statement

Creating good illumination is necessary to individual’s learning performance. Various illumination factors have an effect on the individual’s visual and cognitive performance. Bad illumination may produce health problems such as headaches and fatigue, among other vision problems. Students in many cases are not aware that visual comfort is important for their learning performance. This study intends to alert them about the importance of visual comfort on their learning performance.

Research question

What is the difference of the illumination levels measured in the three different lecture venues?


Ho = there is no statistical significance difference between lecture venue A, B and C

Ha = there is a statistical significance difference between lecture venue A, B and C


To determine the level of exposure to illumination in the three lecture venues, evaluate the importance of visual comfort at educational facilities and to determine if the illumination levels in the three different lecture venues are adequate.

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Background of studyLighting is an important element in modern
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