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avatar Paper

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Paper type: Essay , Subject: Avatar

Perspectives, “a particular attitude towards or way of regarding something; a point of view’’. Perspectives is an important part of the movie Avatar, because it is a vital part to the film as there are many perspectives from cultural people, to aggressive fighters.

Avatar, a film with many perspectives (point of view) about a planet with a rich mineral called unobtanium found in a place called pandora where the movie is set. This essay will discuss how the different perspectives can change from character to character. This can sometimes result in conflict but also cooperation.

Jake, working for the military, taking his brother spot after his death. He is now taking the roll of being a safety officer for the researchers. But as he works there everyday his perspective changes about Pandora. Soon enough he becomes connected to the Na’vi as he was welcomed in and trained to become apart of their tribe. He soon realised that the military were taking bad actions. Pandora was apart of the Na’vi and Jake could see that what they where was harmful for the environment, and there was only going to end destroying pandora like they destroyed earth.

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The Na’vi hybrids, called avatars. Jake sully an ex marine becomes mobile again after becoming an avatar and falls in love with a Na’vi women. The Na’vi treated pandora as their home not a resource. They were connected to nature by the tree of life where dead ancestors spirits lived on. I’m the Navi’s perspective the military treat the Na’vi’s home disrespectfully by destroying it. They found need to fight back because pandora was apart of them and they treat it like one of their own. The only thing important to the Na’vi is their resources from pandora, they will do anything to keep it.

Trudy, a helicopter pilot for the RDA flew one of the few Samson Aircrafts taking jake and grace through the hostile environment of pandora. She has a very determined mindset and doesn’t let anything get to her. Her perspectives are to keep the avatars alive through their mission to stop the military destroying their home. Trudy assisted Jake and the Na’vi during the final stand against the RDA. Flying her Samson, painted and named “Rogue One” she engaged full attack mode against the military. Being easily out gunned by hundreds of other enemy helicopters, one of Samson’s engines had been knocked out by the by the dragon. Trudy drift always down into the distance falling to the ground as she gets into an explosion and her life was ended there.

In conclusion,

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