Athens Once Again Became a Famous City-State

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Athens was an alluring city-state on the coast of the Aegean Sea. Many people would assemble together in Athens for events, such as trading. The Athenians who lived there felt intact, and they were all enjoying their lives.The people of Athens were under the rule of King Pandion, who was the fifth king of Athens. King Pandion was a powerful king and he had great stability for his people. He ruled in Athens for a long 40 years. He never let any intruders into Athens.

He was the son of Erechtheus, and had four children. Unfortunately, two of his children, Procne and Philomela had passed away, making him more cautious and an even more protective leader.

But one day in 1423, an untamed bull came running into Athens, causing many people to lose pieces of their homes and belongings. King Pandion was devastated that he couldn’t keep all of his people and their homes safe, and couldn’t keep the bull out of Athens.

He knew he had to do something about it. So, he warned his people that they needed to come up with a plan before the bull destroyed their home if he didn’t already. Then, he came up with a plan of his own- he was going to fight the bull. King Pandion gathered a few brave men and horses to join him.

The people of Athens were now prepared, and so was King Pandion. They had many items to defend themselves. The men trotted down to the land on their horses, where the bull stood, ready to take charge.

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King Pandion had already spoken to his team, so they were ready to face the bull, and tame it. King Pandion sighed heavily, as he was to face a massive creature. He knew he could have a great danger of losing his life. But then he came to a realization that him and his men were strong, and their job was to protect Athens and their people. He knew he had made the right decision to do this. The men or the king himself didn’t know where this bull was from, and they hadn’t come up with a plan to where they would take the defeated bull, that is if they had won. Many Athenians were curious to see what would happen to their beloved king, so they gathered around to watch. They awaited for the bull to approach the area.

The time finally came. The bull barged into the center of Athens, where Kind Pandion and his men were anxiously waiting. The bull charged toward the king, who was absolutely petrified. Pandion moved out of the bull’s way at the last second, which caused the bull to crash into the nearby wall. The wall had a huge hole in it from the bull, who was now angry at the king. The bull then charged again at Pandion, as three of his men jumped on top of the bull and tried to slow it down. The bull didn’t react well, and he flung one of the men off of his back. King Pandion then attacked the bull for the first time, which further increased the bull’s anger. Many of the people who watched the beginning of the fight had hidden in shelter, trying to protect themselves and their family. The king finally battled the bull to the ground. The bull calmed down slightly and let Pandion keep him on the ground. One of the few remaining men that helped Pandion handed him a rope, which he tied around the bull. Pandion then led the bull out of Athens and traded him to another nearby city-state.

After Pandion returned, and got a good night’s sleep, he set up a metal gate at the entrance of Athens to protect it. He decided that he would leave them open to anyone who wanted to visit and trade, just like it used to be. He would close the gates at night, to assure protection when everyone is asleep. He wanted to make sure another disaster like the bull’s intrusion didn’t happen again.

The people of Athens were relieved, and thankful for all the people’s hard work. Everyone was very relieved to see what they’ve spectated had been resolved. They were thankful for the men who were fighting to save and protect everyone. Everyone gathered around to cheer on King Pandion and his brave, amazing men. The king took a bow and told the Athenians that him and his men would try even harder to provide a safe home for his people. Everyone cheered and respected Pandion by congratulating and praising him and his assemblage. Athens was once again the well known city-state everyone loved and was safe of any intruders once again!

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