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Tidwell’s Research Essay

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The research is based on people who have similar traits, beliefs or attitudes and have a stronger connection to each other than the people who don’t share similar traits. According to Tidwell, strangers have a higher chance of being attracted to one another as they share many common traits, attitudes etc. Strangers who don’t share common traits tend to not be attracted to one another. May previous studies based their research on outdated methods and procedures. Another similarity that is predicted, the attraction is an individual’s personality. From a researches point of view, it could be possible than perceived similarity can influence attraction. Based on this research perceived similarity is strongly more attractive than an actual similarity. Tidwell has also previously stated that their limitations to the research. He also states the speed dating will have effective results.

One predictor (independent) variable that is stated in this research is perceived and actual similarity, from this variable the idea was to look at the effect that this independent variable would have on the dependent one which is an attraction when initiating relationships.

Task 2

The following terms were introduced in this article; Key Terms Part A

A sample is ‘’ a group of people, objects or items that are taken from a larger population for measurement’’

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In this research one hundred and eighty-seven undergraduate students participated in one-eighth of speed dating session to meet and match with opposite-sex participants. This sample involved White/Caucasian (69%), Asian/Asian American (15%), Hispanic (3%), Middle Eastern (3%) and African American (2%), also participants of other mixed races (8%).

A procedure is ‘’ An established method of accomplishing a task, usually with steps that are performed in a prescribed order’’

In this research participants have completed a 30-min online intake questionnaire; this was completed approximately 11 days before their speed-dating session. A questionnaire conducted a person’s trait and demographics, Meanwhile, participant undertook 4-min speed-dates with 11 or 12 individuals, this has occurred during each event.

Materials are ‘’ research materials include all types of materials generated and utilized in the scope of scholarly research’’

In this research, the materials included were intake questionnaires. These questionnaires assessed numerous person-level traits.

Measures are ‘’ Measures are the items in a research study to which the participant responds. Research measures include survey questions, interview questions, or constructed situations’’.

Measures that are included in this research are, actual self-characteristics, big five personality dimensions, sociosexuality, traditionalism, political conservation, major, interests, religion and states.

Key Terms Part B

A confound means when something influences both variables that are involved in a research

A correlation is when there is some type of relationship between various things involved in research when there is a connection involved between two or more items.

A demand characteristic is

A confederate is someone who tends to be a participant but in general, is already part of the research.

Task 3

Task 4

Drawing from the discussion the most interesting part was that you cannot predict actual similarity by attraction, the reason behind this being the most interesting part is because an individual’s similarity does not affect person’s attraction. However, from the studies recorded, it states that perceived similarity can predict romantic liking. From the research as both actual and perceived similarity were measured it was proven that perceived similarity has a stronger effect than an actual similarity. This shows that people that are like each other have a stronger connection when it comes to romantic liking. The real-world implications from these findings are that perceived similarity was the strongest from 3 predictor variables that were examined which were actual similarity, perceived similarity and generally perceived similarity.





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