Assembly For Veterans Day

Good morning everyone, thank you for attending our veteran’s day assembly. I’m Jillian Perry. These people that stand in front of us right now, at this moment, are some of the greatest people ever. For a period in these people’s lives they would wake up every morning, not knowing if they would go to bed that night, and risked their lives fighting for you, and me. That’s what they wanted to do. They wanted to risk their lives every day for us to be free.

Without them standing here, we wouldn’t be living the American dream. Part of the American dream is to live a long, happy, healthy life. Without these brave people standing before us, we wouldn’t have that at our fingertips.

Now, I want to talk to you about patriotism. Most of you may not even know the real meaning of patriotism. Patriotism is the quality of being patriotic in support for one’s country.

How many of you have friends, families and loved ones that are with us today, couldn’t make it today, or that have lost their lives fighting for our country? If you do, I want you to raise your hands. Now I want you to look around at all your peers with their hands up. Each and every one of you know some of the bravest people in the world. That probably makes you feel pretty special, but truth be told that all of those people that fought for us are the special ones.

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Our next topic is civic virtue. Civic virtue is the preservation of values and principles. Basically, it is people solving problems and making the country work better together. It is a standard of behavior in feelings of a citizen’s participation in society. You may be wondering how you can show civic virtue and patriotism in full display. To show patriotism you can support the people that fought for us, vote, fly our flag in the correct manner and many other ways, To show civic virtue you could vote, volunteer, or organize a book group to name a few. I want to tell you all something. My great grandfather is 95 and currently living in a retirement home in Chicago, Illinois. Why am I telling you this? He fought during world war 2. If I were to ask him about the war he wouldn’t want to talk about it. Why?

My grandfather feels awful about all the people he killed. So, to any of you veterans if you feel this way as well, I’d like to remind you that your actions gave us the freedom that we have. And I’m sure all of us thank you for it. Thank you all for attending our veterans day assembly and a special thank you to all of you that fought for our freedom. You led us to where we are today and I know only some of my peers that are here with us would not be brave enough to take the same path that you have. We all admire your bravery and sacrifices. Thank you.

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