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Until their enrollment Liz is a happy child. Without comparisons she lives with parent (half-blind and beneficiaries of social assistance) and one year older sister Lisa into their little world in a bubble. Even as Mom was pregnant with her, visited her and Lisa’s father in prison. Mom and he had forged prescriptions and ripped off countless pharmacies in the city. When he is released, Liz is about three years old, and she looks parents about how they handle on the kitchen table with utensils, to put a shot.

Unlike Lisa Liz always attempts to attract attention and love of parents. She gives herself a tomboy because Dad hates everything Mädchengetue. With him, she skims over landfills. There you will find treasures that others have discarded as worthless. Early on, he brings her in, not about other people’s opinion to shear when they hear derogatory shouts. Both like to read and regularly visit the public library.

Mom accompanied her on the social welfare office.

But once the money is in the house, are already Dad and Mom on the road to get to new material. For a warm meal every day they go to the free lunch, shall have the only children in need. Secretly they push Mom some bite.

With the enrollment registered Liz that she is on the other side of life. You do not want to go to school, but prefers to sit with Mom. If it is high , their eyes light up, she tells stories of the past, embraces her daughter with love and comfort them when Liz her of all bad school jokes told.

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Liz Murray describes her childhood in an environment that is a mess. Garbage attracts vermin, and Liz is infested with lice. Before someone comes from the social security office, the children try not quickly clean up the worst. The siblings always hungry, but how great the need is, you can hardly imagine drastic: They share a tube of toothpaste and a lipstick with cherry flavor

What makes the novel so poignant is that Liz. not bitter, but still loves her parents. She hates the drugs addiction, know that the parents are not monsters, but give their best. When Mom ill, visited and maintains Liz AIDS them, but contracts with self-reproach for weeks.

Liz’s life on the road is a daily struggle for food and a place to sleep. She has many friends she secretly when parents are asleep, let into the apartment and share the night with her the last crumb. At times it gets into bad company

After Mom died Liz manages the unthinkable. She breaks out of the vicious circle. It’s a bumpy road they successfully come to an end: nineteen With it creates their high school diploma, receive a grant from the New York Times for Harvard and graduated from there in 2009 successfully their university exams

. as a dad of AIDS ill, she takes back responsibility for him, it maintains full dedication, he fulfilled his dream to see San Francisco. She wears his last letter in the heart: “Thank you again made a family out of us.” (P 470)

This novel is Liz Murray’s personal message: Man has the mental strength to get rid of any emergency situation. (However, unfortunately, looks for many people the bitter truth different.)

“When the day began,” is the impressive report of a young woman who looks back to a traumatic childhood and adolescence without anger and hatred towards her Parents. How can a person maintain despite these experiences such a strong feeling of love? Liz Murray convinces the reader credible, without any trace of kitsch.

An absolutely recommendable exception novel on this subject!

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