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Arts & Entertainment Essay Examples

A Synopsis of the Movie 12 Monkeys

The film 12 Monkeys failed greatly to live up to the hype one would think follows it. With a slew of highly touted actors and actress, one would think of it as a possible blockbuster hit. It falls short of the potential that seemed to swirl around it. Bruce Willis plays James Cole, a convicted…

Film Criteria

Running head Personal Film Evaluation Criteria Paper Personal Film Evaluation Criteria Paper Elizabeth Bryant University of Phoenix Personal Film Evaluation Criteria Flashing back on all the films I have watched over the years I never taken notice to analyze not one of them the way that I have learned in this film study course. My…

Away Michael Gow Character Analysis

Meet the Character Tom: Tom is a very talented actor with the potential to go far with his acting. “You’ll be our next Chips Rafferty eh, son”. He and his family moved to Australia from England 8 years ago and there not the wealthiest family but there certainly the happiest family. His acting and certainly…



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A Modest Proposal: ‘Satire Is Characterized as Much by Wit and Outrageousness as by Moral Condemnation

‘Satire is characterized as much by wit and outrageousness as by moral condemnation’. Do you agree? Satire is the preferred tool of a voice with an axe to grind. In the right hands it can cleave a devastating blow. No matter how black or macabre the subject is, humour has its part to play. It…

The City of Ember

Lina- main character of the story, portrays significance in her role as one of the main personality in discovering the mystery of the “City of Ember”, and lead the story in an act of escape from the underworld with her friend doon. Doon-plays another major character in the story, whereas, he and his friendship as…

Young Goodman Brown Plot

Plot Summary of “Young Goodman Brown” Young Goodman Brown is a short story with a traditional plot structure pattern of exposition, rising action, conflict, climax, and denouement. The exposition, as in traditional plot schemes, introduces the protagonist Young Goodman Brown in the opening sentence along with his wife Faith in the setting of a Salem…

Pixar- Culture and Organisations

Culture and Organisations Pixar case study HRO372 1. Background Pixar Animation Studios was founded in 1979, initially specializing in producing state of the art computer hardware (Carlson, 2003). In 1990, due to poor product sales the company diversified from its core business and began producing computer animated commercials for outside companies. Success came for Pixar…

The Motorcycle Diaries Review

Life. What is it? What does it mean? Does it define our very existence? Is it the minds most dwelled upon subject? Is it not the question that every human being regardless of race, color, ethnicity or gender attempts to figure out? It is what Ernesto Guevara (Gael Garcia Bernal) and Alberto Granado (Rodrigo De…

Emily’s Reasons Why Not?

“Emily’s Reasons Why Not?” was a television program aired by the ABC network in 2006. (IMDB) The comedy program was based on a novel with the same title, which was written by Carrie Gerlach. It was aired in January 9, 2006, however, after the pilot episode, ABC decided to cancel the show, putting it off…

“Why We Crave Horror Movies” by Stephen King

In the essay “Why We Crave Horror Movies”, Stephen King provided reasons why people want to watch horror movies. He said that some people go to horror movies to re-establish some sense of normality; some people watch them because they like to have fun and some just simply to prove to others that they can…

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