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Art Exam #3

A military term applied to modern art. These artists work ahead of the general publics ability to understand

The 17th century movement characterized by dramatic light and shade, turbulent composition, and exaggerated emotional expression

A roman town hall, with three aisles and an apse at one or both ends. Christians appropriated this form for their churches

This term has 2 meanings. It can be the art of Ancient Greece and Rome or art based on clear, rational, and regular structure, emphasizing horizontal and vertical directions and balanced compositions

Italian for counter pose. In sculpture, the weight is placed on one foot causing the hip and shoulder lines to counterbalance each other

A narrow band of relief sculpture that usually occupies the space above the column of a classical building

Style of the later phase of Ancient Greek art, characterized by emotion, drama, and interaction of sculptural forms with the surrounding space. Can also be used as a general reference to Ancient Greek culture

This is a cultural and intellectual movement during the Renaissance, following the rediscovery of the art and literature of Ancient Greece and Rome. It is concerned with human activities rather than with the abstract concepts of theology or science

This is an image or symbolic representation- often with sacred significance

A style of painting that originated in France about 1870. Paintings of casual subjects were made outdoors using strong brush strokes to capture the light, color, and mood of a particular moment. Monet painted in this style.

This is an art movement that is a revival of Classical Greek and roman forms in art, music and literature. It was a reaction against the excesses of baroque and rococo art

Painting characterized by openness of form, in which shapes are defined by loose brushwork in light and dark color areas rather than by outline or contour

An organization or individual who sponsors the creation works of art

Post Impressionism
This refers to the art movement following Impressionism. Artists of this style were concerned with the significance of form, symbols, expressiveness, and psychological intensity. Van Gogh was a painter during this period

A system of painting using tiny dots or points of color, developed by French artist Georges Seurat in the 1880s

This art movement is the mid 19th venture style that was based on the idea that ordinary people and everyday activities are worthy subjects for art. This movement influence the impressionist painters.

Art movement in the late 14th venture through 17th centuries, which was characterized by a renewed interest in human centered classical art, literature, and learning. Da Vinci was a painter during this period

This style of art was dominant in France in the 1700s. It is a style used in interior decoration and painting that was characteristically playful, pretty, romantic, and visually loose or soft

A style of European architecture prevalent from the 9th to 12th centuries with round arches and barrel vaults influenced by roman architecture and characterized by heavy stone construction

This art movement is a direct reaction to neoclassicism. It is characterized by intense emotional excitement, and depictions of powerful forces in nature, exotic lifestyles, danger, suffering, and nostalgia


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