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Around the summer months freedom seems to diverge as one ages All Paper

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Around the summer months, freedom seems to diverge as one ages. All around, students, sometimes fresh out of middle school, can be seen working anywhere from taco trucks to museums. Of course, anyone is allowed control over how their times is spent, and with the extra time that comes with the summer heat, not many can argue about part time jobs.

However, once the weather gets cold and summer comes to an end, should it be reasonable that these students’ work come to end and too? The opinion I stand by is no.

Education and experience together can lead to an outcome more preferable than an outcome determined by either only education or experience. My first point is that school can only help so much, and without early job experience, how can one expect to have an easy time once they have themselves a diploma buried under debt? The best way of reaching a goal is by getting a good start, and why should it be more reasonable to distance my start away from school, just because I have homework every other day? The difference between one small part time job, and one full time career may or may not be massive, but given the chance any student should be able to close this gap within time, and what better time to start than high school.

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Learning a skill can propel someone to do greater things in the future, and this is no different in the workforce. Experience is crucial to development, part time jobs are crucial to careers, either directly or indirectly. A student with education and experience, is a student with a bright future.

My second reasoning for why students surely should have part time jobs are the direct benefits, income, that follows with. Parents of the average student aren’t rich, and although sparing some money here and there may not always be of issue, being able to sustain their own luxuries on top of giving their kids what they want isn’t often a freedom offered for taking at choice. This fact changes when the kids in point have wallets in their pockets, wallets of value.

If I had a part time job, and had myself save up without asking allowance, but instead for my parents to keep money aside, in just a year, me and my parents would be able to afford a few days of vacation separately, and putting our money together, possible afford to visit another country. Of course this is just an example, but comparing what I could afford with a part time job to what I couldn’t, contrast between the options are as visible as black and white.

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