Argumentative Essay on Weed Legalization

When you hear weed many thoughts come about, most maybe negative if you’ve never smoked or tried it before. Since weed is labeled as a drug it can automatically be negative thoughts. Everything that’s legal isn’t right and everything that is illegal isn’t wrong and with being said, “Weed should be legal”. It (weed) has many names: Cannabis, dojer, dro, dope, gas, mid, loud, air pack. Some of the names have different affects but in the end it’s all beneficial in numerous ways.

Some of the top ways are health, increases sleep patterns, and can also be used to treat depression. (Kaylin Pound)

Smoking weed will make you lose weight. Everyone isn’t into working out at the gym or taking a neighborhood jog. Rolling a blunt or two can solve that issue. You can smoke inside your house and won’t have to deal with a bit of exercise. There are studies that prove pot smokers are prone to obesity.

Pot can keep you calm, cool, and collected as well. (Kaylin Pound) That’s great for health purposes. Weed increases your appetite and that will boost up a person’s metabolism. (Kaylin Pound) There’s nothing better than getting stoned and stuffing your face with an endless array of snacks. (Kaylin Pound) A study published in Nature Neuroscience found that, thanks to THC’s effect on the brain’s cannabinoid receptors, food appears more appetizing as a result of a heightened sense of smell.

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(Kaylin Pound Nature Neouroscience) Studies have shown that cannabis consumers eat or drink up to six hundred or more calories per day than non-users. Marijuana benefits fall into the healthy category in various ways and the list can go on and on.

An increase in sleep is another outstanding factor from weed. (Kaylin Pound) Smoking a blunt or two a day can be so soothing and make you become very weary or sleepy. There are several people who work a nine to five every day, crazy work hours, people who are restless, and some people who are just busy bodies throughout the day that wish they could get more sleep or had a better sleep pattern. Lighting up a blunt can solve that problem easily. Sometimes sleeping pills don’t work or can be less effective as a sleep aid. Pot is the next vest sleeping aid. When weed is consumed, you eat good, become lazy, eat a good meal and the next phase is sleep. Pot is a great way to catch up on eight to ten hours of sleep and sometimes it can be the best sleep you’ve ever gotten.

Weed can put you on cloud nine and make you forget all about depression. Depression is super dangerous. It can pull you into a black hole that can be impossible to get out of, but smoking brings about good vibes and laughter. You can become totally zoned out in a good way and be in your own world. Weed can bring out some of the best vibes ever. (Kaylin Pound) Also An article published in a HYPERLINK ” n _blank2010 Harvard Mental Health Letter also suggested marijuana alleviated symptoms of anxiety when administered in small doses. (Kaylin Pound, 2010 Harvard Mental Health Letter)

Countless people speak negative on it (weed) but no one has ever died from it. In order to die from it you have to consume at least one hundred blunts in an hour and that’s not physically possible. If weed was people various individuals would have jobs and fewer people wouldn’t be behind bars. The government can’t profit/tax off it. That’s the main reason it’s illegal. Humans wouldn’t have to pay all these expenses for medicines or treatments because believe it or not weed is the cure for a lot of illnesses. There are numerous evil sick twisted people in this world who will continue to be money hungry and risk other people’s health for some cash. Many cures come from the earth and weed is one of them. Commercials brainwash and false advertise cannabis in a destructive way.

In conclusion remember a blunt or two can make the pain go away. (Mentally and physically). Everything that’s legal isn’t right and everything that’s illegal isn’t wrong.

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