AP Literary terms 5 + 6 principles of theme

Third person
narrator focuses on feeling of one character

knows all and everything about characters

objective point of view
narrorator who is totally impersonal tells story

Sentence which uses a conjuction with NO commas to seperate items in a series. EX: X and Y and Z

Central character in a story who drives the action usually the hero or anti-hero

a play on words based on multiple meanings of a word

Poem consisting of four lines that can be considered a unit

word or phrase or line or group of lines that is repeated, several times for effect.

Rise and fall if the voice produced by the alternation of stressed and unstressed syllables.

Art of effective communication

A story which an idealized hero or heroine untakes a successful quest

Type of writing that ridicules the shortcomings of people to bring a change

Speech made by a character in a play while no other characters are listening.

A fixed idea on a character that doesnt allow individuality

Stream of Conciousness
style of writing that portrays the inner working of a characters mind

unique way in which a writer uses language

curiosity of what is to happen next

1st principle of theme
Must be expressible in the form of a statement with a suject and predicate

2nd principle of theme
Must be stated as a generalization about life

3rd principle of theme
Must be careful not to make the generalization larger than is justified in the story

4th principle of theme
Theme is the central and unifying concept of the story, must account for all details, must not be contradicted or rely on facts.

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5th princple of theme
There is no way of stating the theme of the story

6th principle of theme
Avoid any statement that reduces the theme to a cliche

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AP Literary terms 5 + 6 principles of theme
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