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Animal welfare Paper

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Paper type: Essay , Subject: Animal Welfare

Animal welfare: help protect the animals before it’s too late.

Or: Animal abuse is happening daily in Australia, will yours be next?

By Kayla Thornton.

A devastated puppy owner Jessica Thomas, lost her puppy on the 12th of August 2015. Jessica was working at the vet centre in Sydney when she decided that she wanted to go home to have some lunch and play with her puppy Lyla. However, when she got home, she noticed her gate bashed in and the windows on her house smashed. When she walked in her puppy didn’t come running out to see her like she normally would and give her lots of kisses, Lyla was a golden Labrador cross golden retriever. “I kept calling out Lyla! Lyla, where are you?!” stated Jessica at the time. Jessica kept looking around the house and still didn’t find her beloved puppy Lyla. When Jessica did find Lyla, her heart shattered into a million pieces, her beloved golden retriever cross was lying and staring at her with a look of sorrow in her eyes which was saying like “I am sorry I did not stop them,”. Jessica picked up her whimpering pooch and rushed her to the vets. When Jessica arrived at the vets her puppy was rushed into the operating theatre to try and save her. The vet at the time came out and said “I am sorry Jessica but Lyla could not be saved, she had internal bleeding, a broken spine, and would not have been able to live due to the problem of her kidneys shutting down. Her heart stopped when we were operating, I am so very sorry. Would you like to say goodbye?” Jessica replied “yes”. In the next few weeks Jess organised a funeral for her beloved puppy and in the months to follow got two new puppies who were named in Lyla’s honour.

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Laws around animal welfare(abuse) needs to be tougher.

Any person prosecuted of animal abuse should not be allowed to own any kind of domestic animal. I.e. dogs, cats, horses.

And finally, anyone who has been charged more than once with the offense of animal abuse(welfare) should be sentence to time in jail or a larger fine.

Introduction: Animal abuse is a major worry of Australian Citizens of today. I am on the side of Australians that believes more should be done about animal abuse then what is currently being done. The three things that could be done to improve the animal’s lives could be: that the laws around animal abuse need to be tougher, any person prosecuted of animal abuse should not be allowed to own any domestic animal e.g. dogs, cats or horses and that anyone who has been charged of animal abuse more than once should be sentenced to jail or receive a hefty fine. Would you want to live in a world were animal abuse is just accepted and people are just told to move on? Or do you want to see the offenders feel remorse for the grief they have caused to both animals and the families affected?

KP 1- Do you want to see dead, dying or injured animals lying on the streets if the laws are not made tougher? I surely would not want to see this every time I came home from work or school. A worker from the RSPCA or the Royal Society for the prevention of cruelty to animals, stated “that the level of animal abuse has doubled in the last five years and this year alone (2019), already 209 reports of animal abuse have already been reported and has increased 32 percent with dogs and puppies the main area of them, this rising up 14 percent as well, the dog side of it”. However, it’s not only dogs and puppies that are affected it can be horses and ponies and even livestock. Would you want this to be what your children see in the future?

Key Point 2. Any person that is prosecuted of animal abuse or neglect will either receive a lifetime ban from owning any animals or a short-term ban such as 6-18months depending on the level of violence that was inflicted on the animal or how long they may have been left alone or abandoned for. “A case that occurred in 2016, the owner of the kitten, who in this case I will call Moonlight. Moonlight was only 12 weeks old when a terrible accident occurred. He was trapped in between a recliner chair around two weeks before he was found and the owner said she could not afford veterinary care and that is why she did not hand him in. The inspector at the time whom I will call Dr Verity said “it was an accident, they heard him cry out and didn’t do anything about it.” Sadly, Moonlight was not able to be saved as he had no control of the rear end of his body and was in to much pain so he was put to sleep, the owner was banned from owning animals indefinitely. This case was gotten from the RSPCA south Australia website. Would you ever let your animals get as bad as “Moonlight” had done?

The kitten “moonlight” had a crushed back end sadly there was not a happy ending to this story.

The kitten “moonlight” had a crushed back end sadly there was not a happy ending to this story.

Key point 3- And finally, anyone who has been charged more than once with the offense of animal abuse(welfare) should be sentence to time in jail or a larger fine.

About the author

This sample essay is completed by Harper, a Social Sciences student. She studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara. All the content of this paper is just her opinion on Animal welfare and should not be seen as the way of presenting the arguments.

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