Angels and Demons by Georg Haderer Review

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His classmate had just placed before her high school graduation on the railway tracks and put an end to their lives. Later, after two school buddy up had been buttoned up the old man confessed to her father, who abused her since she was twelve. That happened 30 years ago. One of the two boys was John Shepherd, and this event – his first case – was decisive for his career choice

He is now Major and Chief of the Vienna Crime Commissioner.. Even Herrlich, often instinctively guided, with methods that one is silent better, so Shepherd has cleared in the past spectacular cases, and if nothing further helped coins were ever pushed over the desk.

infected quite some time he in a deep identity crisis, so even visited a therapist. But the man who understands him, who shows him the way back to the sun, met John Shepherd in a bar at Reunion, where he traveled with his girlfriend. Phillipe Marsant his name, and invites shepherd to a Esotherikseminar near Vienna, where he will perform as a guest speaker.

But since May 26, Shepherd has disappeared. Anyone, neither family members nor colleagues in the police station, he informed, and also in his apartment, there is no indication of his whereabouts. While the family hires a private detective, is in police station no action. It is not a crime before, and Shepherd’s finally old enough.

After just over a month promoted Colonel Kamp shepherd right hand, Miner, the chief inspector of the department “life and limb”.

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Bergmann knows Shepherd inside out, he has witnessed his psychological development at first hand. The dark thoughts of his boss to drive, especially in the dark winter days, he had bought new bulbs. Because Bergmann now remember with nostalgia and hums shepherd song from better days to himself: “Then Jesus came like a stranger in the night, praise the Lord, I saw the light …” He was always merely shepherd Zuarbeiter, but would be without him shepherd . “strokes of genius only remained pranks”

the work will be done – that is Bergman’s first official duty. Acts of acts: Here’s a drunken mayor drove his car into a furniture store. It’s an old case from Lower Austria – done long ago, had not the old judge A.D. mixed again – spinning totally believes in an action of Mossad! What goes to Miner’s? There “pensioners who were shooting at noisy children, motorists who went up because of a parking lot for the jugular” …

Then a no-brainer: An elderly couple decided to come to an end even determined to take in hand. We find their bodies with bullet holes in the head on a park bench. Only … where the weapon is abgeblieben? Who let them go with? Sure, Bergmann speculated in his office in front of him, it will resurface, as in the body “of a robbed jeweler, … in the cold dead hands of a crazed gunman” …

How mentally deranged stumbles and crawls man through the forest. A raven “Tippelt suspiciously around,” would like to hack into the resting body on the ground before the competition accesses, he croaks to: “Make up your mind at last, dead or alive.” To his chagrin, the chipped aimed a little later but again – it’s John Shepherd … This scene description begins Georg Haderer’s latest novel “Angels and Demons” with its famous protagonists. enough already this half pages to tune it to the reader what he expected: This author Esprit, a dry, often cryptic, often black humor, and he can bring scenes wonderfully dramatic to the point. His narrative style is sober basically, and yet he willingly tells stories straight on and leads us relish delicious dialogue sequences before.

The unusual thriller inspired by the bizarre combination of the two opposing colleagues Bergmann and Schaefer. Bergmann, the linear, rational investigators type has both feet on the floor of the facts, when he is not his relationship with Martin assign must or zuschüttet with alcohol. Shepherd on the other hand tends to drift into the surreal. What drives him there in the woods? Did you miss him mind-altering drugs? He barely knows who he himself is; delirious meet him the ghosts of the past, demons that threaten him. He speaks with trees, feed on mushrooms and berries, trying somehow to struggle back to life.

miner table now landing more obscure murders that tell of a global danger and the entire police apparatus including intelligence on call the plan. The crimes appear to be associated with Shepherd’s disappearance …

Haderer thrillers are iconic in its own way, but have perhaps for thriller fans one drawback: Despite the world-spanning plot there is in this Austria thriller never really tingly exciting …

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