Andrea Camilleri’s Sicilian Cuisine Review

How gratifying that the Inspector Montalbano was able to gather a huge following in the German language that it Lübbe Bastei publishing house was worth in 2008 to establish an appropriate cookbook just for them! And now it has even been reissued in May 2012 – elaborate and magnificent. Camilleri seems also to please, he has contributed a detailed preface.

Yes, in principle it is a cookbook. The authors Martina Meuth and Bernd Neuner-Duttenhofer are host of cooking shows on television and professional journalists, and so skillfully present them here more than 90 recipes for pasta, rice, meat, vegetables, pastries – and Nachtischgerichte, but especially for seafood.

Almost all of finished products are appetizing displayed in the color that one of the stomach begins to growl when scrolling. The descriptions are very clear, and well understand how it indeed is characteristic of the Italian cuisine that many of their dishes are simple and easy to prepare. Your “secret” lies in the freshness and quality of ingredients and in occasional small tricks that traditional Casalinghe (housewives) have learned from their grandmothers and pass on to their daughters.

Derlei advice and indications of possible traps fall into which one could (squid never cook and never freeze! Please no oil or butter into the pasta cooking water!) That provide authors with like, as well as occasional time-saving alternatives for particularly complex operations ( ?. marzipan fruits for professional or home-style mortar or blender) and a few tips to Sicilian wines

Some recipes – just a few – will be nearly impossible to implement because of a lack in our transalpine widths of the fresh ingredients – especially in fish and seafood.

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(- not, Mark, etc. extract proper tomato paste) is a problem – even strattù of vongole (clams), ricci (sea urchin) and neonati (whitebait) to mention. Unfortunately, we just do not live in Sicily, and can not roam about the Vuccirìa (the magnificent market in Palermo’s historic center) to be inspired …

But the book is much more : a sort of short stories, a travel guide for Sicily and a work of secondary literature for all the novels and short stories that Andrea Camilleri has written about his protagonist Salvo Montalbano. And all of this together makes it a pure pleasure for all those delicious food and / or Sicily and / or love Camilleri’s books – even if they let cook as the commissario very self …

Because the recipes are interspersed in a friendly chatty, fun-filled, entertaining and insightful narrative, in which everything revolves around “the culinary passions of the inspector Montalbano.” Since teeming with original passages from many Montalbano novels (each quote with book title and page number assigned – very exciting!), Interspersed with witty devised fictional encounters (We support Salvos housekeeper Adelina when purchasing on the market; we listen his favorite cooking Calogero from … ) and lots of interesting facts, such as on the powers of the Carabinieri , Guardia di Finanza and Questura , or an intelligent social science digression on the culturally conditioned differences between Mediterranean Commissioners and their medium – / northern European counterparts. And again and again delight the connoisseurs read double-sided color photographs Sicilian markets, ports, people, landscapes, cities and courts. For the right spice of a whole lot of names and phrases provide in Sicilian dialect, the so-translations Camilleri were maintained in the German fortunately.

Not only on the last three pages, but also in between there are culinary sources as well as restaurant and hotel tips for the trip to Sicily including the warning Nepplokalen the increasing Montalbano tourism …

Given the diversity of is commanded, the loving style (even the page numbers are as gamberi < ! / em> and pesce spada mockup) and robust manufacturing (heavy paper, robust cover) I think the price / performance ratio for excellent: good appetite and good conversation


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