Andre the Giant’s Act of Humility

One of the biggest responsibilities of the human race is to pass down the knowledge and leadership from the old and failing to the young and fresh. To pass along the “torch” is for the better of the whole of humanity, rather than to hold one generation in the spotlight. Similarly Andre the Giant realized that the right thing to do was to play the villain and let Hulk Hogan take the spotlight, sacrificing his image for the good of WWE.

Andre the Giant knew that although he was the champion, wrestling wasn’t all about him. Andre was in deteriorating health and knew that he would have to quit wrestling soon. He could have just retired and left the federation on a high note as the champion everyone loved, but instead, Andre choose to put the sport above himself. He humbled himself to play the villain in his championship match against Hulk Hogan, and let himself lose the match so that Hulk could take the champion’s belt and usher in a new era of wrestling.

The author of the “Andre the Giant” graphic novel said that “Hulk Hogan became a god, and Andre made it happen.” (Brown 275).

Andre chose to help the whole of wrestling rather than just prop himself up as a champion. Because Brown made this book in the style of a graphic novel, he can the emotional messages by showing a character’s actions and expressions. A lot of interpreting what a person is saying comes from their body language when they say it.

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A graphic novel allows the author to row to the audience how a character is acting without having to describe everything in great detail, which still leaves many things open to interpretation from the reader.

The graphic novel was a choice Brown made to convey the emotional messages that he wanted everyone to hear. Brown did a good job of casting a wide net for his audience. Although his medium of a graphic novel cuts off the more astute crowd, the story is appealing to fans of wrestling and people who enjoy reading graphic novels already. Another draw is people who may not read graphic novels but are very interested in the story of Andre the Giant and want to learn more.

Overall, the demographics for this book are simplistic people, wrestling fans, and people who are intrigued by the lives of stars when they aren’t playing their sport.

I have had a partially similar revolution in my life to what Andre knew for his career. When I was in middle school, I thought that all of the performing arts that I was in were all about I decided that I needed the spotlight on everything and to always be the champion” because I was better than most people I ever performed with. However, when I moved on to high school choir and drama, I realized that more important than being the champion is to bring up the group as a whole. This revolution for me allowed me to humble myself in a group and realize I was surrounded by people just as good, or even better, than me. I had just let my conceited mindset cloud my vision. I believe that this is similar to how Andre realized that instead of beating down Hulk Hogan and retiring as everyone’s favorite champion, he should allow himself to fall, play the villain, and pass the honor down to the new champion. This was good for the whole of WWE, rather than just putting himself up on a pedestal.

Andre the Giant knew what would be good for his image, but he decided to be humble and pass the honor to Hulk Hogan and further wrestling. Similarly, I learned to humble myself to realize the talent I was surrounded by and do my best to make the group shine rather than myself.

Passing along information and position from one generation to another is one of the most important things the human race does, as it lets everyone progress and grow. If a generation hoarded all of their information they could become rich, powerful, and well known by everyone but at the cost of everyone else. Instead, passing down the information helps everyone. It is important to be humble and to help others rise to fame once your time is up.

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