An Overview of the Impact of the Articles of Confederation

The Articles of Confederation caused numerous problems affecting the government. The constitution was an article later written. The constitution solved many of the problems caused by the Articles of Confederation.

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It especially helped with the running of the federal government. Under the constitution the federal government had more power than under the Articles of Confederation. The constitution assigned more specific jobs to the federal government compared to the articles of confederation. The amount of jobs assigned by the constitution was staggering compared to the Articles of Confederation. That is how the federal government achieved more power under the constitution.

Under the Articles of Confederation the country was absent of a strong federal government because they distributed lots of power to the state government and not enough to the federal. For example during the critical period cartoon, congress was placed in the back of the canoe barking out orders but to avail as the states were each rowing in their own direction not listening nor cooperating.

Clarified in the Constitution through the executive branch, a strong leader is essential to the success of the federal government running smoothly. Explained by Hamilton in the federal papers no.70 than an “Executive is a reading character in the definition of a good government.” The constitution successfully solved one of the numerous problems caused by the Articles of Confederation by creating an executive branch.

The Articles of Confederation caused problems between the power and responsibilities of the states. For example states were responsible for their own militia under the Articles of Confederation. Under the Constitution it was ensured they would be united in a time of war. The Articles of Confederation assigned the job of money printing to the states making each one seem independent. The Constitution had each state united under the same form of currency. The constitution helped the states be united and seen as a whole. Thanks to the constitution, many problems formed the Articles of Confederation are solved. Powers, jobs and responsibilities are shared equally to both the federal and state government. Now the U.S can be seen as whole opposed to 13 pieces.

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