An Opinion on Which is Scarier Between Jane Eyre and Never Let Me Go

Both the movie Jane Eyre and the book Never Let Me G0 are scary in their own ways. But when deciding which I believe is scarier, I think that Jane Eyre takes it When I think about Jane Eyre I almost automatically think of it as a gothic movie. It has many ominous elements to it that make it scary ranging from dark colors to actual crazy people being locked up When I think about Never Let Me Go, I do not automatically think about the scary elements, I think more about how what is being clone is a quite messed up.

Essentially farming people for organs and having that be their sole purpose to living is very troubling, but it is just thatt On the other hand, in Jane Eyre, Jane suffers constantly throughout her life and we are shown scenes that are even more disturbing.

We see Jane being abused as a child constantly by a guardian who does not love and appreciate her, and this is very frightening because child abuse is a very real thing that happens everywhere, Being shown this visually is very disturbing because it is an issue that people do not like to face.

That is one reason for why Jane Eyre is more frightening than Never Let Me Go because many of the situations that the character is put in are real, horrible problems and happen in our world today while being farmed for organs is not very realistic. Another reason Jane Eyre is scarier is because we can actually see the dark and ominous colors that are being used in the movie.

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The fact that we saw the story as a movie takes away the part of having to imagine the setting that it is taking place in. In the movie it is almost always raining, dark, and cloudy and the buildings Jane reside in or go to barely ever have any bright and cheerful colors. The whole movie is dark and ominous, On the other hand, in Never Let Me Go, we are not literally shown the setting at all Limes because it is impossible to do so in a book That leaves most of the setting to our own imagination, but it is difficult to be constantly picturing a dark setting when there are so many more things going on in the story at the same time. All in all, Jane Eyre is much scarier than Never Let Me Go because the suffering Jane goes through is a real thing, and we do not need to be constantly picturing a dark setting because it is directly presented to us.

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