An Opinion on the True Meaning of Heroes

Nobody has actually ever discussed the true meanings of “heroes” to me and I believe that’s because everyone has their own perspective of a hero. Heroes are known to be gifted with great courage, loyalty, strength, cleverness and looks. However, is that really what heroes are all about? I personally believe that heroes can vary from fictional characters to strangers and whether, they’re perfect or not, they’re noted for their impact in others’ lives.

Thanks to heroes, lives are saved, families are reunited and lessons are taught.

Heroes reach out for others and make in impact in their lives. They put the needs of others before their own and will take risk despite of inconvenience, danger, lack of comfort or personal ambition. Their courage and sacrifice inspires others because most of them are ordinary people who invest all their efforts into saving another. Many firefighters and policemen would selflessly throw away a complete regard of their safety to ensure another human is being saved.

The tile “hero” isn’t given by their occupation, but rather by their achievement and genuine intentions into saving lives.

Heroes can vary from fictional characters to strangers. My mom, Mr. Barragato, and Mulan are some examples of them. They are there people that have really given me strength to go through all of life’s obstacle courses and still continue life with hope and determination. Especially, my mom, because she has always been there for me, whether it was physically or mental help I needed.

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She is my advisor and provides me with love, care and happiness. Most importantly, she teaches me morals that prevent me from doing harmful things. Therefore, she is my hero because she saves me beforehand from trouble. As for Mr. Barragato, he encourages me to work harder. Even when he’s very busy, he makes time to listen to my problems. I truly appreciate his concern and it makes me feel better when going to school knowing that someone actually cares me for. However, as for Mulan, she can’t be there for me like my mom and Mr. Barragato, but she teaches me that with determination, you can make a difference in society. That means a lot to me because Mulan and I come from the same background where there are many expectations. Though watching her movies, she has motivated and inspired me to have hope and keep pushing myself. Mulan didn’t come out as a perfect character, but through her problems, she built the strength to fight and prove herself.

Not all heroes are flawless. They can be weak, tall, short or deaf because not all heroes save lives.. They do not necessarily have to be famous either, because anonymous people on suicide hotlines save lives everyday. Though they are both strangers to each other, a life is saved. Not all heroes’ lives are wonderful either because like us, they have their share of problems as well.

In other words, heroes aren’t like superman soaring through the sky, or batman in a cape, but they are people like you and me. They strive to fight for goodness, ethics and moral behavior.

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