An Ongoing Issue of the Increasing Voter Turnout by Texas Government

Across the world there have been countless ideas or ways to increase political awareness. The biggest and most effective way for the people to make an impact on their government is by voting. This entails raises the question why voter turnout is so law there are many variables as to why they are so low some would say it’s individualism, or others would say they want to leave it to the “informed”. That raises another question; why aren’t people informed about their current political candidates or what is going on in the political office? There are many practices in different countries to increase voter turnout, In Australia they practice compulsory voting in which an eligible voter is obligated to vote for candidates otherwise they will be fined, Theoretically this ensures that most voters would be knowledgeable in their candidate choices the.

Another possible choice would be to have a National Holiday This could increase voter turnout in a huge way.

Making Election Day a Federal holiday would allow for more people to come out and turn in their votes Then again people could abuse this and it could affect the nation‘s economy in a huge way as well as shutting down businesses so people can go and voter Now 2 states have taken steps that have effectively increased voter turnout and this manner would have a dramatic outcome if made effective across the nation Oregon and Washington have created a polling system in which the voter’s mail in their ballots Voters are allowed to mail in their ballots or drop them of themselves In the 2010 midterm elections these two states were the only states across the nation that exceeded 70% in voter turnout.

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While plenty of “Key” states didn’t even break 50%; people will no longer have to worry about long polling lines, taking their time out of their day to drive to the polls. The excuses for not voting would dwindle even more and the reasons for voting would rise even hirer Let’s face facts there will always be reasons for why people don’t vote; but implementing this successful system across the nation can have a profound effect, not only on the voter outcome but on the outcome of elections. This would allow people to greatly inform themselves on the candidate’s platforms. If ballots were mailed out a month in advance it would create certainty and trust in who was in office, People would then have an adequate amount of time to find out more about the candidates and their administration.

Ballots can be mailed in a package with all the candidate information then mailed back or the voter can drop of the ballot themselves in person giving them extra comfort in knowing that they got their vote. According to former Oregon Secretary of State and Chief Elections Official Phil Keisling, “If all 50 states used this system, at least 20 million additional votes could be cast in most national elections.” Eligible voters should know how important their vote is in the continuance and advancement of this great nation. Implementing this system would properly show how important it is for peoples voices to be heard.

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