An Introduction to the Analysis of the Concept Change Management

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Change management is a concept that is aimed at bringing positive changes that are in line with current levels of technological advancement. Most graduates are equipped With skills aimed at enhancing performance in an organization but faces many hurdles When they tiy to implement and bring changes. Most graduates have a dream of bringing positive changes to the organization that will employ them. Unfortunately, most of them end up in frustration since most organizations are not ready to embrace change. Some of the reasons.

Why some people resist change is because of: a lack of relevant knowledge and skills. the financial implication of change fear of being outshined by young and fresh graduates, lack of skills to use new technology, destination mentality where an organization thinks it offers the best services and therefore no need to improve on their services and also fear of being retrenched if they are perceived to be inadequate in some areas.

In order for fresh energetic and vibrant graduates to effectively implement change.

they need to plan and analyze situations objectively. By doing an analysis of the organization, they will be in a position to pinpoint the major areas that needs change and innovation. To effectively manage change one needs to have skills and knowledge that will make others develop trust in the changes he Will be advocating for. Communication should also be effective so that all members can understand the process of change. Such employees should also be realistic and plan for gradual changes that will not disrupt the smooth operation of the organization.

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Change is gradual and requires patience and dedication for it to be realized the new employee needs to introduce change gradually and encourage and where possible demonstrate how the new changes Will improve on the achievement of results. They can stan Within their department and in areas they are assigned responsibilities. Since change starts with an individual, the new employee should show an example by bringing change and innovation in his area of duty. This would later be spread to other departments and in the entire organization. Where necessary, the new employee should be in a position to influence the old employees and bring sense into them by showing them how change and innovation will make their work easier and achievable within a short time frame. In conclusion. change and innovation should be gradually introduced so as not to face major rejection by people affected.

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