An Important Task of Every Citizen

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Voting is a group of people is to make a collective decision and express an opinion to tell the government what they need to do to make something better. In modern democratic nations, citizens participate in government through representation. Representation is garnered through the rightful choice based on the manifestos of each candidate seeking a mandate from the people. Citizens give a candidate mandate through voting in an electoral process that is free and fair. In earlier history, the only white man was allowed to vote and naturalized who was born in the United States.

Women were forbidden to vote and the man was without any property.

Voting is an essential process because every citizen has a chance to vote in every year. They give up on an opportunity to choose leaders and representatives who will do things that are essential to them. Nobody can force U.S citizens to vote. Voting let them tell the government what they need to do to make it better in their country.

U.S citizens have a responsibility to vote to tell the government what they need to do. Some people would say economic or rational change plays a major stake in choosing the rightful candidate. That is for citizens to choose a certain candidate the candidate must have promised to change the economy by making the cost of living cheaper. On the standard background of this argument, it is expected that for a citizen to participate in an electoral voting process in many cases he or she prospects personal benefits that outweigh the expected cost imbalance.

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The season is needed and hunger for social change is a critical driving factor for universal suffrage from citizens. Citizens guided and informed on their role in an electoral process can vote in favor or against repressive policies or leaders with the hope of bringing out change to the general public to harvest collective benefits that come with superior options in the process. Notably, voters hold the key through civil responsibility to make decisive change. The third need is the expressivist rationale. Expressivist is a strong belief in moral anti-realism and there is no factual decision making. A citizen only can vote based on no factual grounds based on a strong feeling of attachment or sense of belonging to one candidate compared to another.

In conclusion, voting is considered a civil responsibility whether guided by reason or emotions as guided by democratic principles and social justice. Whether we know voting is important in the United States and what tell the candidate what they need to do to make something better in the United States.

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